When sourcing private label manufacturers for your products, you will find hundreds of companies who are fighting for your business. You will find good businesses and bad businesses. What Harper + Scott has to offer, however, is the best in the business. 

Unparalleled Design

Our NYC design studio is home to some of the best designers in the industry, and our brick and mortar offices in China have strong relationships with over 3000 suppliers of every imaginable item. Those facts aside, our facilities have the talent and capabilities to make nearly any type of branded merchandise that you have in mind. 

We are blessed with a world-class team of creative professionals that specialize in the design of all types. The unique manufacture and package/label design that we bring to the table can’t be gotten just anywhere. That’s why Harper + Scott is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and a list of multinationals corporations that exceed the length of your arm. 

Quality Beyond Your Highest Expectations

When Harper + Scott was formed in 2014, the company sought to raise the bar on an industry that had quickly become stagnant. Most private label specialists were churning out a lot of the same products, in an industry that was defined by unoriginal packaging and archaic standards that left most clients with less than impressive product lines for their labels. 

By digging in to change the landscape of the industry, the world-class team of creative innovators that comprised the design staff at the studio headquarters in NYC coupled with the sourcing studio in Guangzhou began to create bespoke items that are able to turn heads with their innovative packaging and product design. 

A new era in unique branding opportunities had opened up to a world that was hungry for unique goods and forward-thinking, sustainable packaging and marketing materials. 

Private Label Merchandise That Will Bowl Them Over

The changing consumer landscape is eager to find the uniquely and expertly tailored products and marketing materials that define our portfolio. Earn their loyalty by giving them what they want, and go that extra step of giving them what they didn’t even know they wanted. 

Our quick-turn capabilities will be extra helpful if you are on a tight schedule. Transparent client services keep you on budget, and our unique ability to fulfill the conceptual phase of production all the way through to the completed item, totally with in-house capabilities to do so, make sure that you are in control of projects as you partner with us. 

Online Ordering 

Harper + Scott now offers online ordering, which is especially nice for smaller companies to utilize the top-notch capabilities of our company while operating on a smaller budget than a huge company. 

If you are just getting your feet wet with branding by sourcing mailers or other promotional materials, we can deliver your needs with the exact same skill and dedication as we do with clients like Google, GE, or Facebook. We know that small business owners want to use trustworthy and professional businesses to source their branded items, and we are excited to offer these items quickly, economically, and with the ease of online ordering that is within the reach of every type of startup or e-commerce site. 

Send us a line today if you would like to know more or what we can do for your brand. Take a look at our online gallery of branded products that we have been proud to create for our partners. Let us partner with your business to give you the creative edge that will make your branded products unique.