Some people love to give a coastal or beachy décor to their homes. The ceramic Starfish knobs for cabinets offer an ocean theme to your wardrobe and drawer. The material used in those knobs is either zinc or high-quality ceramics alloy. These knobs are blue to match the ocean theme. Other generic creative starfish doors or cabinet knobs are imported from China.

Where Can You Use Starfish Knobs?

Buying starfish knobs for cabinets is a good idea. Apart from cabinets, you can add them to your drawer, dresser, wardrobe, almirah, and cupboard. Inspired by the coastal décor trends, these starfish knobs give a fun finishing touch to your interior decoration. Designs are customized, and prices vary accordingly. 

Features Of Starfish Knobs

Usually, the diameter of starfish knobs for cabinets is 4 cm, screw size is 3.5, and depth is 2.0 cm. These knobs are available in both online and offline stores at a reasonable price. The ceramics knobs are ready-to-use for your furniture knobs or drawer pulls.

About Price 

The turquoise color ceramic starfish knobs give a unique summer vibe to your home décor. The starfish knobs are available at $13 to $15, depending upon their size, material, or the number of knobs you want to purchase. 

Types Of Starfish Knobs

● Mediterranean style starfish drawer knob

● Ocean themed drawer pulls

● Silver starfish furniture knobs

● Blue white starfish kitchen cabinet knobs

● Antique coastal cabinet knobs

● Cast iron starfish knobs

Selecting Marine Vibe For Room Décor

The lure of the beach is undeniable to most of us. Whether we live nearby oceans or far from it, giving an oceanic touch to your interior decoration is a majestically impressive display of nature. Beach-inspired décor can well suit your bedroom, children’s room, or drawing-room. 

The spirit of the coast gives you a casual, breezy, extraordinary, serene, worn finish touch to your bedroom. Some people use distressed wood as if it was long placed under ocean water. 

The spirit of the sea is a natural one that is more attractive than costly artificial decoration. Using bamboo, wood, seagrass, and rattan in your rooms, you can give it a calm composure and serene look. Sea-life artwork on your wall matches the theme easily. 

When it comes to painting, one must choose the color carefully. It should be in shades of blue, sky, and white. Seashells, fish, coral, sea horses, starfishes are the common motifs. Using an octopus design or oyster shell mirror is undoubtedly one of the unusual choices people can make. The red color gives coral accents, and coral patterned striped sheets can be a cherry on the top. 

Wallpapers are pretty popular these days, and people are using them to match their color schemes.


If you want to give your decoration a marine vibe, it must be reminiscent of beach glass. Watery blue, greenish-blue, soft turquoise and seafoam can be mixed with sandy white tan to make a perfect beach bedroom. 

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