Over the years, the Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn’t seem to disappoint in its class of SUVs. It’s one of those vehicles that have remained a classic, even over time. Whether you’ve got an old Cherokee with you or an old one, it undeniably stays to be a standout. Drivers and owners of the Jeep Grand Cherokee don’t end up disappointed. It scores well in the design factor, price, quality, styling, and even an impressive everyday comfort.

That said, is the Jeep Grand Cherokee really for you, too? Here are good reasons to buy one.

1. In General, It’s Really Overall A Good Car As To Rankings

One telltale sign as to whether or not a car is good is to check its rankings. If you go through various car ranking sites on the Internet today, you’ll find that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is consistent in its rankings. This makes it an excellent choice among midsize SUVs.

Here are some reasons in general that keep putting the Grand Cherokee on consistent high rankings:

  • Excellent safety ratings
  • Wide range of trim levels
  • Best-in-class tow rating
  • Excellent off-road capabilities
  • User-friendly infotainment systems
  • Luxurious interior

The only downside to the Jeep Cherokee is that it doesn’t have as much interior space as other midsize SUVs do. Visit this site to learn more about all the features enumerated above.

Reasons To Buy A Jeep Cherokee Syracuse

2. Base Engine Gives Excellent Performance

With the Jeep Grand Cherokee, even at the base variant, you’re already promised excellent performance. The base engine, the Pentastar V6 engine, performs very well. If you’re a car person, you might be very familiar with this engine as it’s also used in other excellent-performing vehicles like the Dodge Charger and Ram 1500 Pickup.

For a midsize SUV, the Jeep Cherokee does quite well. It has a total output of over 300 horsepower. It’s also a very responsive car, because of the eight-speed automatic transmission.

3. Price Point Is Alright

The price point here may be a debatable factor for some buyers. There may be some of you that will say that the price is alright. But, it also can’t be denied that the Jeep Grand Cherokee starts at a base price, which is still a few thousand higher than an ordinary midsize SUV. Base variants of the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee start at 32,000 US dollars, in comparison to the average 27,000 to 30,000 for other midsize SUVs.

The takeaway with its price, however, is that you’re paying for class and excellence. Because of all its other excellent features and commendable performance, the price also falls to be nothing short of worth every single extra dollar spent.

Whether you’re looking for a used or brand new one, there are many car dealerships for you to choose from around Syracuse and even in neighboring cities in New York, such as Rochester.

4. Availability Of An Eco Diesel Variant

The eco diesel variant is sought after not just by those of you who may be looking to save a little bit more on fuel expenses, while also becoming eco-friendly. This variant is available with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Because of this capability, this SUV can deliver 20mpg in town or city driving. On the freeway, it has an estimated EPA of 30mpg.

In layman’s terms, these standards mean that although a midsize SUV, the Grand Cherokee is as economical as most sedans are. This fact makes the Jeep Grand Cherokee an efficient car to own.

5. Posh Family Car

This section applies to you if you’re looking for a family car, without having to sacrifice on the posh and luxurious value. This, the Jeep Grand Cherokee can achieve. It’s a two-row SUV that fits five adults comfortably. On the second row, it’s also built with two complete sets of LATCH connections for two car seats. Upgrades on the interior include leather upholstery, ventilated and heated seats on both rows.

The leather seats also come in handy for a family car. Especially when in black, this protects the vehicle from possible pen marks or scratches that children may make. It’s also easier to clean, in case kids have spills here and there.

6. Built For Speed

If you’re the type of driver who’s in need for speed, this is also the SUV for you. The Cherokee Trackhawk variant, for instance, is one of the fastest. With a 6.2-liter, supercharged V8 engine, it gives more than 700 in horsepower. It’s undeniably one of the fastest vehicles that can be on the street, with an impressive 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds. Should you choose to purchase the lower and cheaper variant with only 475 horsepower, it can still perform as fast through its adaptive sports-tuned suspension and body kit.


As the years go by, the Jeep Grand Cherokee continues to strive and position well in excellence. It’s a vehicle that has gotten an even better value now than it did before. More features, better innovative safety technology, distinctive looks, and a great engine. These great reasons are only some of the few that should convince you enough that indeed, the Grand Cherokee is for you. If you’re from around the Syracuse area, it’s worth visiting a Jeep dealer today, and make that ascertainment for yourself.

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