7 Handy Tips for Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

Seasonal Garage Door Repair Duluth

Periodic garage door cleaning and maintenance activities are highly crucial to ensure smooth and safe operations. However, owing to the busy lifestyles and lack of adequate knowledge, this simple process is often overlooked.

Neglected garage access can put a significant strain on automatic door openers— by spending 1 – 2 hours every year, once during the springtime and then during late fall, can spare you of a costly repair bill.

Here are the top 7 handy tips that you may follow to keep your garage doors safe and in operational condition for a very long time to come.

1. Keep an eye on the movement: A well-tuned garage door functioning is comparatively smooth and quiet as it moves up and down— in short, there is no sign of jerkiness.

Operational issues with your garage door and automated opener are easy to catch in the form of shaky and fitful movements, which are often accompanied by the grating and grinding noises. In case you have been observing such signs lately, it’s time to call Garage Door Repair Atlanta, experts before the problem escalates further.

2. Keep the Tracks Clear: Examine the tracks on both sides of the garage gate to assure that they are devoid of rust or any dust accumulation. For better precision, you could also make use of a leveler to ensure that the tracks in their vertical sections are perfectly perpendicular from the ground. Small adjustments are easy to accomplish; however, in case of significant changes, it is better to avail the services of specialists from Garage Door Repair Duluth.

3. Fastening the Hardware: On average, a garage door moves up and down several hundred times in a year; the continual movement and vibration often lead to the freeing up of the gate along with associated track hardware. Make it a point to carefully examine all the support brackets clasping the door tracks to the wall as well as the ceiling besides the bolts securing the opening system of the garage door to the structure.

You could make use of a socket wrench to fasten up the loosening door bolts, else in the wake of an emergency, connect with the Garage Door Repair Atlanta professionals to seek the immediate resolution.

4. Examination and Roller Replacement: It is imperative to inspect the garage door rollers at-least once every six months, if not more — their life span ranges in the bracket of 5 – 7 years maximum. Replace any rollers you find broken, scratched, or damaged during your examination. By simply removing the brackets securing them to the access points, most of the rollers can be easily removed.

Cautionary advice: Refrain from removing the bottom roller brackets positioned on either side of the door because these are directly fastened to the lifting cables, which are, in turn, already under intense strain. It is advised to engage the professionals to avoid any untoward incident.

5. Inspect the cables and pulleys: It is highly crucial to carefully examine the lift cables, and pulleys mounted to the door’s lower roller brackets— they offer an essential link to help elevate and drop down the garage gates securely.

A garage door has the following spring types:

  • Extension springs
  • Torsion springs

While the extension springs are long and slender, which are positioned alongside each doorway’s overhead segment, torsion springs, on the other hand, are installed above the door opening on a metal rod— Both of them make use of cables for door lifting operation.

Many specialists believe that the residents should refrain from handling cables and springs since these are high-voltage elements and hence, can be highly precarious. Instead, if you notice any string damages or any other indications of cable/spring weariness, immediately contact Garage Door Repair Duluth service person for assistance.

6. Oiling moving parts: Keeping all the mechanical components of the garage doors well-lubricated can help relieve strain on the rollers and gate openers besides extending their operational lives.

Once every six months, spray a high-quality lubricant such as greased Lithium on the door hinges and roller. Besides this, grease the lifts on the extension and the pivots on torsion-spring openers.

7. Inspecting door balance: If your garage door is somewhat imbalanced, the openers will have to work extra hard, and eventually, the whole arrangement will give in to the extreme pressure.

Here’s an easy way through which you can put the garage door balancing to test:

Start by pulling the release grip on the automated opener and follow it up by manually lifting the gate so that it is opened till midway. Ideally, the door should stay in place without any external support. However, if it doesn’t; this implies either the garage door is imbalanced, or the springs have got damaged. Immediately connect with the Garage Door Repair Duluth professionals to resolve the issue.

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