Your personal and professional goals are important to address, but have your home goals lapsed this year? Creating a healthy home should be the priority of all homeowners, and it doesn’t take as much work as you would think. The benefits? A clear mind and a clean bill of health, all by adopting some healthy home habits in 2020. If you’re ready to start a new chapter this new year, let’s jump right into it.

Clean floors

Your floors cop a lot of dust, debris, pollen and general mess. As your busy life traipses in and out of your home, cleaning the floors can be cast from your list of things to do, in favour of other items that present themselves more obviously. And yet the floors remain unclean! Start vacuuming once a week, and use reputable carpet cleaners to give your carpets that deep clean they so desperately need. What this will do is create a cleaner environment, keeping you healthy throughout the year.


Decluttering is the word of the year, thanks to the popularity of Marie Kondo and her shockingly simple principles around clutter and correctly storing your belongings. Clutter has a way of overwhelming us, especially if it can be found in each and every room of the house. Take Marie Kondo’s approach to rid clutter, and tackle one category at a time (books, clothes, manchester) by either rehoming/recycling, throwing it away, or correctly storing it. Having a clutter-free home not only contributes to your physical health but also your mental health, with your life and belongings in order.


There is nothing worse than a stuffy home. Depending on where you live in the world, having the windows open all year round might not be an option. Although that’s not to stay that you shouldn’t circulate airflow through your home at regular intervals. Fresh air can work wonders for your health, and it stirs up germs and dust that tend to make themselves comfortable in a stagnant home. This is a great healthy habit to get into, and you can start slowly by simply opening the windows at various points in the day, or by keeping your doors open longer than you normally would.

Clean your manchester and furniture

Many homes get into a good rhythm with cleaning the sheets, only to fall off the wagon and keep them on beds longer than they should be. For a healthy home, you should be aiming to wash your sheets and bedding once a fortnight, and wash your pillowcases more often. But that’s not where you end this mission, as your furniture can also do with a clean. If you have leather, run some leather conditioner over you pieces with a microfibre cloth. If you have material furniture, you can have specialists come to your home to administer the clean. Anything made from wood can be polished or have a coat touch-up.

Bring the outdoors in

Having plants around the home does a lot more than boost your decor credit. It also does its part in cleaning the air in the home, whilst helping to create a calming atmosphere. This doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise, and if you select the right plants, you don’t have to commit to a high-maintenance watering schedule either. Bring in the new year with some green around your home, and remember to stop and take in the beauty from time to time.

Reposition your kitchen

We can’t have a discussion around health without touching on the food we keep in our kitchen. It’s time to cast a critical eye over the way our pantry is constructed and whether or not the right food choices are being highlighted. Are your healthy staples hiding behind a bag of chips? Are your fruit and veg always going bad because they are forgotten in the bottom of the crisper so you can fit the beers in? Reposition your kitchen with a healthy mindset, and start challenging yourself to make healthier decisions in the new year. Being our most healthy selves is something we all strive for, and with the right planning and self-awareness, we can become these people. Approach 2020 with realistic optimism, and set your home up to help you on this goal to a healthier lifestyle.