Being a property manager can be a very rewarding career, but it’s not without its challenges. If you’re in charge of running something as large as a mobile home park, for example, then you’ll find yourself faced with even greater challenges, due to the sheer number of residents you’ll be responsible for.

The popularity of downsizing and mobile home living has been on the increase for quite a while, particularly in states such as California. Mobile homes for rent in orange county, San Diego and other areas of the state are on the rise, so if you are a property manager of a mobile home park, this post will offer up some handy tips on how to deal with tasks and any difficult situations that may arise.

#1 – You Must be Able To Communicate As Well As Listen

Communication is everything in any kind of management role. If you’re looking after a mobile home park with hundreds of residents, then effective communication, which also includes the ability to listen, will go a long way towards making your role a proficient and enjoyable one.

As a park manager you’ll find yourself resolving disputes, either with management itself, or between several park residents. Being a mediator is often the manager’s role, and this requires the ability to both listen effectively and communicate clearly and calmly.

#2 – The Management Team Must Be Accessible

While maintaining an air of authority, you and your management team members also need to be friendly and approachable. You want residents to feel they can come to you with a problem or query.

If everything goes through management, it will help to maintain a harmonious atmosphere and environment within the park and among residents.

If people feel the managers are not approachable, park residents will attempt to resolve everything themselves, and this could quickly lead to dissent and chaos inside the park.

Being accessible means you always know what’s going on in your mobile home park, allowing you to maintain control.

#3 – Create “To Do” Lists

This is an integral part of being well organized, a trait that’s essential to the smooth running of the property.

Really you should have daily lists of things that need to be done, weekly to do lists, and monthly goals on what needs to be accomplished. These lists should be visible for all management staff to see and take regular note of.

Lists help people to remember what needs to be done, and also enables staff to feel they are making progress as each task gets ticked off the list.

#4 – Be Willing To Delegate Duties

You can’t run an entire mobile home park on your own, nor should you want to. You need team members with specific skill sets to take care of certain tasks. Don’t be afraid to get help, and also develop the ability and trust to be able to delegate important tasks to others.

When everyone knows their general roles and becomes proficient at them, you’ll find that managing your staff, and the park, becomes easier over time.

#5 – Develop Some Marketing Skills

The investors who own the mobile home park want a positive return on their investment, so in order to achieve this, it’s your job as the park manager to ensure the place remains at full capacity, or close to it.

Even though mobile homes are popular, if residents leave, you still need to advertise and get the word out to replace them with new tenants. You’ll also want to be able to sell prospective tenants on all the positives of living in your park.

#6 – Take Good Care of Your Mobile Home Park

The best way to attract and keep quality tenants is to take really good care of the area. Make it a place everyone enjoys living in and is proud to call home. Keep it clean, in good repair and well maintained. Ensure community areas are looked after, as these are draw cards for people wanting to live in a mobile home park.

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