A slip ring is used in a lot of different fields of life offering a current or electric charge flow between the rotating part and a static part. A slip ring is n electromechanical device that allows the flow of current or power from a stationary part to a rotatory part, that is, it keeps the flow of electric charge undisturbed. A slip ring can be used in a system where we need a continuous, undisturbed and articulate flow of electric charge.

A slip ring can contain a metal brush that acts as a connection, many numbers of metal rings, a part that keeps it fixed and a part that acts as its protector.

High-temperature slip rings are the type of slip rings that can work on a very high temperature in an efficient manner. The highest temperature on which a high-temperature slip ring can work can reach up to 500 degree Celsius. These can work reliably and smoothly on much higher temperature applications. These slip rings can rotate 360° angles rotation. Some high-temperature slip rings are also designed that are most reliable than others and are four-way slip rings. Normal slip rings are offered to work at a temperature of <80° Celsius but these four-way slip rings offer more high-temperature tolerance. These slip rings have connections of input with brushes. These brushes are different from the one that is used in normal slip rings.

High-temperature thermocouple* slip ring is the first slip ring that cold work at a temperature up to 150°Celsius. This is a domestic industry slip ring.

High-temperature slip rings can be used in any electromechanical (a combination of electrical and mechanical engineering) system that needs to be rotated in an environment of high temperature. As these slip rings are bearable to a higher temperature, they can provide the most efficient working system and can simplify the working of a system. A typical high temperature slip ring has a stationary connection that is usually of metal which is called a brush. This stationary metal contact can be of graphite. This metal brush touches the surface of a rotatory ring that is made of metal. In high temperature, slip rings the material used could be precious metal gold. These slip rings offer a continuous flow of electric charge without any break during the power flow because of their 360° rotation. These can meet power requirements easily because of their less usage of energy for their own running. The use of gold connection makes it reliability longer and can make a reliable signal. 

Different companies in the world are offering great high-temperature slip rings. The most notable ones are Comau, Senring, Berlin Times and Moflon. All of these companies are offering high quality and most efficient high-temperature slip rings.  The body of a high-temperature slip ring is designed by two different processes.  The one is injected one and the other one is laminate pressed. Coating of these rings is done by most precious metals like gold to make it effective in a sense of good conductivity, lower resistance and lower corrosion. As gold is a high-temperature metal with a melting point of 1064°. So the use of gold in the body of high-temperature slip rings make them more effective and reliable for high-temperature circumstances because they can withstand more high temperature. Gold is a precious metal that also offers low resistance.Due to this low resistance feature of gold less power is lost thus making the highly efficient device.

As there applications in high temperatures, these slip rings must be tested in different environments to increase their reliability according to different working situations. One way of checking their reliability is the use of vacuum at a different temperature. The use of different temperatures helps to see the impact of the slip ring at various levels. These experiments are also performed to check the signal to noise ratio (SNR) of the high-temperature slip rings. Different experiments of these types have shown that temperature has little impact on signal transmission.

Most high-temperature slip rings are a single circuit and having the working speed of 250 rotations per minute (RPM). These slip rings have a long lifetime and provide an efficient result with less energy loss. These slip rings have low noise that makes them durable and useful for every environment. These are also offering low torque.

These slip rings are used in different applications, like:

  • In heating materials
  • Packing material
  • Military usage for different instruments
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Electrical test material
  • Drying Oven
  • Automation industry

As this small slip ring has many advantages but at the same time they have some drawbacks also, that are wearing the working surface, high-temperature handling, metal peeling, burn, crack and corrosion. Corrosion can also cause high resistance in working thus more energy loss. Great energy loss will make the efficiency of slip ring lower. These problems can be avoided by following and taking into account the instructions for installations, by looking at the working temperature at which it can work effectively and prohibiting from the temperature it cannot endure.

The lifetime of high temperature can also be increased by keeping them in a moderate environment; by keeping them in a very high temperature for a long time can reduce the life span of the slip rings. These slip rings should be placed in a dry place to get rid of corrosion. Do not be placed in the presence of gases or alkalis to avoid rusting of metallic part of high-temperature rings. The losses in the efficiency of high-temperature slip rings can also be reduced by checking the product description before installation.

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