Academic writing is one of the important parts of people education, especially for those who are studying at the university. However, it is not easy to write an essay. The agencies that provide writing services would become a good solution and one of them is BrainyBro. Find out more about the agency in this article.

About BrainyBro

BrainyBro is a reputable and professional agency that has years of experiences in providing services to clients in writing all types of paperwork including an essay, research paper, thesis, dissertation, and much more. Either it is the arts and humanities, social sciences, economics, information technology, law, or others, the agency will do all the paperwork for you. The writing provider provides professional academic writings with various basic services include fast turnaround, automated writer assigning, free online support 24/7, free QAD check, free plagiarism check, and much more. Meanwhile, the additional services provided include plagiarism report, 1-page summary, updated via text messages, top writer, high priority order, and more. There will also be a sample of works that the clients can view to make them sure about their choice. What differentiates BrainyBro with the similar service providers out there is that it doesn’t come with any fixed price used for a page writing. However, the price is calculated on a personal basis so there will be no manipulation in the agency’s services. If you would like to reduce the costs, there are some things you can do such as lower the difficulty level, extend the deadlines, and other.

Why Is It the Fastest Among All?

If you are questioning what makes BrainyBro becomes the fastest among all of the other writing agencies out there, well the answer is the great number of writers that it has. The writing services agency has 977 writers that come from various ranges of discipline. In this way, the service provider can complete your order faster and deliver it on time. The custom paper ordered by the clients can even be completed within 3 to 24 hours. But if you need a research paper, the time needed to complete it is 24 hours to 48 hours. Meanwhile, the writers generally need 7 days at maximum to write a dissertation. Not only that, all of the writers are the qualified ones and they are chosen through a very careful and tight employee screening process. First of all, all of the potential candidates will be interviewed and they should at least hold a Master degree. There will be a complex English grammar test that the selected candidates have to take. This is aimed to make sure that the writer candidates will be able to write papers that are grammatically correct. After passing the grammar test, the selected writers will be given a test essay that fit their core subjects. The tight screening process is to ensure that only the most qualified writers will be selected to join the agency.

How to Complete a Writing Order?

To complete order of the writing services, there are a few simple steps that you can follow.

  1. Leave Your Order Request to the Agency

The first thing you should do is visiting the agency website and then leave your order request. You can do it by filling in the order form that you can find easily on the order page. The agency will follow up your order just within hours. The agency will then verify the details of your order.

  1. Finding a Suitable Writer

After the verification process is completed and your order is approved, it will turn to the agency system to do the rest. The writing provider will find a writer that will be suitable the most for your need. However, the writer selection will depend on various factors such as availability, qualifications, experiences, and more.

  1. Get Your Paper Completed with Hassle Free

Once the writer is selected, the writing process of your essay will be started soon. During the process, you can get the information related to the progress of your paperwork via text messaging. Once the essay is completed, it will be sent to your email. If there is any revision needed, you just need to call the agency to get the essay revised.