If you are a serious entrepreneur web hosting is no longer an optional thing but a necessity.  For over years HostArmada web hosting has been a top company that provides the best web hosting services that meets the needs of clients. We all need an online page with a location and hours that you are in your business.

The word of mouth or looking at the yellow pages is a past gone thing. You need to build your business online through the use of a top quality web hosting; HostArmada. There are various services that we as HostArmada offers to our customers to meet their needs. Here are some of our services

Shared web hosting

This is web hosting in which we host a multiple site on a single server. For instance, we can say site A shares the same server with site B, C, D, etc.  The good thing with this service is that all the servers we have share the cost and hence it’s cheap.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting appears to be similar with shared hosting in that various sites use the same server and not much more than that. With VPS it houses fewer sites per server as opposed to shared hosting. To add on that with our VPS hosting every website use its own resources.

In this hosting your site will be much isolated from the others. This means that the work of the other website on the same server does not affect your site. Our VPS hosting ensures that you are not affected and we work hard to reduce any disturbance. When compared to share hosting, the price is somehow higher but relatively cheap and affordable.

Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting is different from the two, it is powerful and it is reserved for those sites that need good amount of server resources. We ensure that our dedicated web hosting is making your site alone on the server.

Your website will tap the server’s full power and do all that you are in need with. If you need to empower your site and make it succeed in the safest way, then HostArmada dedicated web hosting is the solution for that.

There are others who offers managed hosting which acts as IT department that is useful in upkeep and maintenance of the server. However, with our dedicated web hosting this is covered and you will not spend extra coin on the maintenance and up keep.

Why choose our services

Working with HostArmada is more than you might have imagined. Our services are of high quality and if one doesn’t like one or need to cancel, we do not charge any fee. Our cancellation is free and we abide by the contract.

We also have a free migration services on all the packages. For every web hosting package you choose HostArmada gives a one-time free transfer of services for your website. We also guarantee 45 days money-back. This means that if you have tested the service and you decide to leave you will receive all your money back.

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The VPS host’s flexibility is one of the best things you need to look at when choosing your company. Are you able to upgrade or downgrade your website with resources when the need arises? Look at how flexible the company is to your server. 

Always try to inquire how easy it is to change your services whenever you need to do so and how long it will take.  Due to the various parameters, it is good to choose the VPS host that is flexible. This will allow you to make some changes that will boost your business.

Final thought The use of VPS web hosting is a great idea.  VPS web hosting is one of the best web hosting that is in the market. You ought to know how to choose the best host that will enable you to realize your goal.

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