How an Addict Can Stay Healthy During Recovery

How an Addict Can Stay Healthy During Recovery

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can destroy your physical and mental health. According to, over 23 million Americans have sought professional help for a problem with illegal drugs or with alcohol abuse. Deciding to recover from addiction can be a difficult choice. However, coming to that decision can be the beginning of getting your life back.

First Steps in Recovery

Even those who desperately want to stop their addictive behavior will find it challenging to change their destructive habits and to change their lives. You need a recovery program that is headed by a doctor in order to restore your body to health completely. The first step in your recovery program will be to undergo drug detox. Your body must complete the detox process before you can be mentally clear enough to begin your drug rehab program.

IV Therapy for Recovery

In addition to the harmful effects of drugs or alcohol, an addiction will deplete your body of necessary nutrients. To regain the nutrients your body has lost from addiction, doctors will prescribe IV therapy. The IV therapy will be helpful in your detox process, as it will clear the body from toxic substances. It will then help your body regain its lost nutrients.

Benefits of IV Therapy

According to Atlas Health Medical Group, IV therapy provides nutrients to your body in the quickest way possible. Its efficiency is due to its ability to be administered directly to your organs. IV therapy results in a 90-100% absorption rate of its minerals; in contrast to a 20-50% absorption rate from taking vitamins by mouth.

Gaining Healthier Habits

During your rehab program, you’ll learn several ways to replace your old, destructive habits with new, healthy practices. After you complete rehab, you’ll want to continue using those healthy habits in the ‘real world.’ One beginning strategy is to set some long-term goals for your life and to break those goal into small steps. For example, a goal to move to an apartment might include getting a job, saving money, and staying clean from your addictive substances for a specific amount of time.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Just as IV Therapy will restore the nutrients lost by your body during addiction, your healthier body will need healthy food and beverages. Choose nutritious meals with lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Junk food may seem tempting to you, and eating it may seem a less harmful habit than drugs or alcohol. However, your newly recovered body needs a continued source of healthy nutrients rather than junk food.

More Healthy Habits

Healthy food goes a long way toward helping you stay healthy during recovery. However, your body also needs healthy stimulation, like walking through nature or listening to a stirring symphony. Include exercise after recovery, because the endorphins created during exercise bring your body a pleasurable sensation like drugs or alcohol. At the end of each day, your body also needs adequate rest to recoup its energy for the next healthy day.

Recovery Goes Beyond Physical Health

In addition to healthy physical habits, you’ll need to develop healthier ways of coping with your problems. Working with a counselor to plan how you’ll respond to any future cravings in a healthy way is essential. Finding a support group to reinforce those new coping strategies is also necessary. Talking to other recovering addicts will give you practical guidance and emotional support.

As you work toward your continued recovery, acknowledge how far you’ve come. Celebrate the resolve that’s brought you to this place and helped you through the detox process. Turn to your family and your support group for ongoing reinforcement of your healthier habits. Most of all, don’t hesitate to call your counselor or doctor when you need help.

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