Metal business cards have been introduced to business marketing in the last 20 years. They were introduced as the counterparts of plastic cards. They are symbolic of sturdiness, class, and icon. They are still rarely found and hence are a brand within themselves. You can get the ideal metal cards at justmetalcards and enjoy this iconic status.

Metal vs Plastic cards

Metal cards are stylish, they are hard, sleek, and classy. Plastic cards can be deformed while metal cards are firm. They look graceful in your wallets. The plastic cards are so common that they have lost their charm and it’s time for metal cards to hold the charge.

Pros of Metal cards

They are durable as compared to their plastic counterparts. They cannot bend or snap easily, the information present on a metal card survives much longer than a plastic card. Also, their chances of surviving other accidents are more than plastic cards. They are luxurious to hold.

Cons of Metal cards

They are heavier than plastic or paper ones. They are harder to destroy on expiration, they cannot be cut down with scissors. They are most likely to set off the metal detectors.

How are they made?

Metal cards, as the name goes, turn a metallic material into a fine card. Companies like justmetalcards are set up for this process, and you can make customized cards according to your needs and will from these industries. All you have to do is:

Select the industry

The basic or key step in the metal card manufacture is selecting the place from where you want it to be prepared.

Before selecting the company, you must check its validity, quality, and operational activity. Public reviews are of great help in this regard.

Also, you can check their samples and see how they work. Finishing and detailing are the two main concepts.

If these two things of a metal card manufacturer are on point, they are the best you can find. Also, companies having experts are more trustworthy and must be given the chance to manufacture your metal cards.

Creating a design

Designing a card is probably the most important step in the process. You need to be sure that your design is updated. It goes with the current fashion, it does not overdo the card, and it fits all the details in.

Credit cards are easier to design because they have a hard-wired pattern. Information that must be on the card is known, and only the font (size and color) is to be decided. However, for other sides, designing is a crucial task and may take days to prepare the final draft.

The design wanted depends on the type of card needed. Companies (online or offline) have some templates to make it easier for you to pick the design, and then you can customize it.

Material selection

Again an important step in the process, the material selection reflects the finishing of your card. The material you need to select should be of high quality and affordable price. Different such materials are stainless steel, brass, and aluminum.

Steel is strong, it is tear-resistant, and feels lavish to carry. For laser engravings brass, aluminum, and gold are the choice materials. Other materials used for metal cards are matt black, titanium, brass gold, copper, and carbon fiber.

Enter the dimensions

These are the features that should be carefully decided. The purpose of your card decides the thickness and size. For a business card, both will be more, and for membership cards, the size and thickness are preferably small. Invitation cards come in the largest size, while name cards are the least thick. But you can customize the thickness as per your will.

Background colors

Themes are the crowns of cards. They provide metal cards with the visuals they need to impress the public. A perfectly entailed color scheme is the one that reflects the information and sometimes the purpose of the card. For example, an invitation card for Independence Day can be manufactured with the colors of the national flag in the background.

Final touches

The ends should be curvy or not, the information should be printed or engraved, and watermarks. These are the final touches required to make an ideal card.

In the end, checking for logos, extras, and then final approvals of the card seal the deal and justmetalcards prepare these cards accurately according to your desires. 

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