In the US today, several changes are taking place in different sectors of the economy. This is because of the rising challenges and news since the start of the year. The major factor affecting different sectors is the pandemic, which has caused unemployment in various states and the need to stay at home. 

This has largely reduced the rate of driving of most Americans, which auto insurance companies have responded to by reducing the premium costs and other fees most payable by car owners. One of the top auto insurance companies in this category is Best Car Insurance WSA, offering the best and lowest rate across the board.

The average cost of car insurance is $1,758; however, different drivers pay varying amounts depending on several factors, which will be explained later in this article. The cost of car insurance also varies in another aspect, as explained below:

Auto Insurance Premium per Carrier

Considering the full coverage rate in the market, Allstate auto insurance company offers the most expensive full coverage rate, while USAA offers the least expensive. The Allstate value is around $2,457, while that of USAA is at an average of $1,178. On the other hand, the minimum coverage sees USAA leading the rank as the cheapest, with a value of $487, while the most expensive in this category is Nationwide, offering a minimum coverage average cost of $830.

Cost per State

The state the driver resides is another metric that makes the value vary from one individual to another. According to recent statistics, Louisiana tops the chart as the highest paying state. It has a car insurance annual premium cost of about $3,279 and minimum coverage of about $1,487. The state with the lowest price in this category is Indiana, offering full coverage of $1,093 and a minimum average of $429. Risk is also a great factor in determining the cost of your car insurance, different states have different rules and requirements. You can learn more about it from sr22 insurance georgia.

Accidents and Uninsured Drivers

The number of fatal accidents and the frequency of collisions in a state is another metric used to calculate the minimum and full coverage fee payable by the drivers of the state. Louisiana tops the chart, with full coverage of about $3,279. This is because the state has the highest accident rates in the country.

The number of uninsured drivers also causes the rate to be increased in some states. This is because uninsured drivers create more risks than those that are insured. This is why Florida finds itself on top of the list, with over 26% of uninsured drivers in the State. 


The lower population translates to lower risks of having accidents and vice versa. This is why a state like Iowa offers a minimum coverage that is as low as $300. Most of the densely populated areas are the rural regions. This means there are fewer cars in the state and less driving on the road. Another state, just like Iowa, is Indiana with a full coverage auto insurance of less than $100 per month. This is also attributable to its low population density.

Factors that affect the cost of car insurance

Apart from the metrics listed above, some other factors can affect the cost of car insurance include:

Basic Demographics

This is the first reason an individual can be paying more than the others in the same location. The auto insurance companies consider factors such as the age, sex, and the marital status of a car owner while determining the fee payable by that individual. Most auto insurance companies have enough data to do this analysis before determining the price. One of the best automobile companies that do it better than others is Best Car Insurance WSA.


There is a need to buttress more on this as auto insurance companies consider the extremes of age while adjusting their prices. For those who are quite young, the rate of insurance can be higher than that of the older generation. This is because of the higher chance of this population filing a claim.

Also, the older population gets increased insurance prices. Adults usually 75 years and above have higher chances of crashing their cars and sustaining serious injuries. This is the main reason this age group has to pay a higher insurance amount. However, age consideration is prohibited in some states, including California, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.  


Gender also plays a major role in the rate of payment across various companies. This is because younger men cause a higher level of collisions per year compared to the younger woman. This works for those usually below the age of 25. Once this age is passed, most companies choose driving record over age when considering the amount payable by each person.

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The car you drive

The size and type of car you drive also affect your auto insurance rate. Those who drive family cars such as sedans and SUVs might enjoy a lower amount compared with those who drive sports cars. Generally, the rule across most companies is that the faster your car can go, the higher the insurance fee you will be paying.

Bigger cars are also considered to be paying a lower fee when compared with smaller cars. This is because the large-sized cars can absorb impact better in case of a collision. The safety equipment and measures in your car can also affect your premium fee. The use of alarms and anti-lock brakes can reduce the insurance company’s amount for your car. 

The best car insurance companies still offer a lower rate, even with all the metrics listed above. The best and cheapest option is Best Car Insurance WSA, as you can get cheaper full coverage and minimum rates in a different location around the country.

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