Pharma Sales force automation plays a crucial part in the organization as it helps to automate and customize its sales and marketing process. SFA helps Pharmaceutical companies to ease out their workflow process by generating sales forecasts, accurate sales reports to reduce the workload of sales representatives. As an important pharma field force software, SFA also traces the sales representative’s progress, their everyday activities, and much more. As a result, the pharmaceutical organization reaches an advanced level of success and growth thereby enhancing the work culture and effectiveness of sales representatives in day-to-day activities.

However, Med Rep face various challenges during the workflow process in pharmaceutical industries like:-

  • Possibility of tracking all sales & marketing -related activities manually
  • Managing everyday customer orders automatically
  • Determining daily work activities on DCR

With the inclusion of pharma sales force automation software, Med Rep can effectively resolve all the issues including profit margin and work schedules. As an omnichannel software,  SFA enables their Med Reps to prioritize their work, understand the consumer’s needs and target accurate customers. That’s why SFA plays different roles for various departments like:-

  1. Medical Representatives:  It allows the sales reps to spend more time with their customers and simplify the process of customer information/relationship management.
  1. Sales Managers: It helps managers to determine their sales leads and share information with the associated sales professionals in real-time. SFA also helps to access analytics to find what is not working and what is working for the organization.
  1. Business Owners: The executive owners can now be able to estimate figures with confidence and can stay aware of the activities of respective team members in real-time by SFA.

How Sales Force Automation Increases Sales And Revenue Of Pharmaceutical Companies?

Customization & adapting into communication channels – Customers search for something particular everywhere. One of the main habits of a regular customer would be to check about a product in social forums. It is cumbersome to track clients through multiple social forums. However, if your company misses tracking an important update there is a high chance that your competitors will ace you for the opportunity. One of the beneficial uses of SFA software is that it can be customized as per business or company requirements. SFA’s system records the whole interaction and the HCP’s behaviour and makes it simple to access the history.

Handle Loss Of Product Discrimination – By implementing the SFE, you have the possibility to segment clients by size. Many SMBs and large companies have different needs and characteristics so the SFA platform can be used to combine relevant products, track those sales leads, view all the members in the sales pipeline, assess the sales funnel and other minute details you wish to know about your clients in just a few clicks.

Cost-effective Marketing Strategies – One of the best features of salesforce is the targeted sales models. The model includes closed-loop marketing and enhanced main account marketing techniques driving increased Salesforce productivity. It enhances sales effectiveness through advanced drill-down information by offering analysis of trends,  key information, data, and adopted procedures. Therefore the company will obtain up-to-date information through the application no matter which sales representative is serving the client.

Targeting New Kinds Of Customers – Another added feature of salesforce is that it allows connecting instantly with new accounts and new leads in minutes. This also encourages the sales and marketing to be aligned with the prospect pipeline. So leads can be automatically directed towards social sources such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, websites, and marketing campaigns.

All in all, SFA is an effective pharma field force software that can help elevate your company’s productivity on a huge scale by implementing features like RCPA, Remote Detailing, Closed Loop Marketing, De-Duplication by unique doctor maintenance, field tracking, territory profitability monitoring and more. This is the right time to implement SANeForce SFA to maximize productivity and generate greater RoI for your business.

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