When it gets to choosing a new pair of women boots to add to your closet, you will have many options to choose from. You will have a wide range of boots, from low-cut ankle boots to knee-high boots and winter snow boots. Boots are fit for different functions in life. It’s great to have a wide selection of boots in styles that fit you. Your selection will base on your needs, body shape, and your preferences. To know the perfect boot to buy that will fit you, you need to understand your body type. Women’s bodies are either hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, apple, or rectangle. To get the comfort, you must choose from reputed brands like vybe shoes and boots. Here in this article, we will explain different types of boots and the tactics to choose one.

The ankle-length boots

It’s a popular type of women’s boots that gives them the style and practicality they need. These boots match any outfit and any occasion. The ankle boots suit different body types. They will compliment your body whether you are tall, short, thin, or curvy. All you need to do is pair them with some color jeans, pants, and leggings to illustrate long legs. If you don’t do it right, then they will backfire and make you appear shorter.

The calf-length boots

They are great for rectangular women, whether tall and thin or short and thin. They add value to your ankles and calves, which will offer your body some shape, sexy curvy calves. You need to wear heeled calf-length boots to get a feminine look. They will offer you some extra height for short individuals.

The knee-length boots

They are perfect boots for curvy women. You will appreciate the effect of these boots if you have a pear-shaped body. These knee-high boots will aid in having slimmer and longer-looking legs.

You can use these knee-high heeled boots to get a classic look. They appear perfect over your knee-length skirt or dress. You can also wear these boots with jeans tucked in for a casual appearance if they have a short heels.

The over the knee boots

The boots are for thin and tall women looking for a sexy and edgy look. Short ladies should avoid these boots. They will make them look shorter than the usual appearance. If you have a curvy body, they will not work for you. It’s because they will emphasize the leg’s size and make them appear bigger while they shorten you.


Not all boot pairs will work for all body shapes and types because the body shapes are unique. Some boots will help the body to appear sexy by emphasizing it. Others might cause a miserable situation. You don’t have to suffer as you try to buy a pair of boots. You shouldn’t visit a shoe shop nearby and pick on any boot that you see. Use the above guide to stay in the game as you check out for your perfect boots to wear.

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