Water is a compelling element that is the basic need for survival, and it can also be relentless, unpredictable, and destructive. That means due to natural disasters, or water damage at home, the lives of the human being become next to impossible if not taken some steps to stop it. According to the latest stats, around 98% of basements alone in the USA face the problem of water damage.

Apart from that, water damage and mold, which grow due to excess moisture, cost the insurance industry around 2.5 billion dollars every year. But in water damage repair, the main problem is how to clean up so much water?

It is pretty daunting to see that your home is flooded with water and has damaged almost everything. So, now the matter of concern is starting the clean-up process which you can begin with the below tips: –

1. Always wear protective gear

Till the water damage restoration company arrives at your doorstep for the work, start the cleaning process yourself while wearing personal protective gear. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this means having a well-ventilated mask and eye protection without any holes.

Apart from that, wear long pants, full sleeves shirt, and gloves so that your body cannot contact mold. Also, wear rubber boots without socks and try to keep your feet dry. Remember one thing if you are suffering from any allergies or have breathing issues or asthma, then before you start the cleaning process, talk to your doctor.

2. Remove standing water

If your home has suffered from any water damage and you have determined it is safe to enter the property, the first thing you must do is to remove all standing water. This is essential because the longer water will be on your property, the more damage and mold will deteriorate.

So, act quickly and take the help of drywall as it absorbs the standing water more efficiently. Apart from that, you can also use a wet-dry vacuum and dry towels. In addition to that, if the water is around 1 foot deep, it is recommended to call the professional as soon as possible as water can weaken the integrity of your home.

3. Toss and sanitize

There are many things which got sat in the water, and they cannot be cleaned, then ensure not to use them in future. The reason is that flood water or any other water coming due to water damage will be contaminated and can produce mold inside. For example, books sift surface things that cannot be sanitized.

In addition to that, put furniture, rugs, carpets, etc., in plastic bags so that you use them after some process. Make sure to take photos of the things which got damaged for insurance purposes and your peace of mind.

Moreover, clean, sanitize, and dry things with the help of a product that kills 99% of germs. Make sure you buy the cleaner in bulk to make the cleaning process fast. Also, avoid sweeping as it can turn up dust, but spray down areas and then wipe up the dust with the help of a cloth.

4. Take the help of a fan.

Water damage can contaminate your home air by bringing germs and various other pests inside your home. So, during the cleanup process, ensure you run your bathroom and kitchen fans and ventilators to keep the air moving and help discourage mold growth.

Apart from that, use mount box fans in the windows and set them in such a way they will blow air out dirt, dust, and also mold spores. But if the damage is high, you must call a water damage restoration service for the clean-up.

5. Remove all the wet household items.

In the case of water damage, many things get wet, and you need to be taken out of the home to clean and dry them. Some of them are rugs, carpets, furniture, metal furniture, etc. To clean them, take the professional’s advice as they will tell you the right direction of cleaning them so that they are safe for cleaning.

6. Choose the best restoration company.

This is an essential tip that will help you to make your home as before so, before you choose any of the water damage repair company research thoroughly and then take the final step.

The bottom line

These are some of the best tips, or you can say steps you must take care of while doing the clean-up process after water damage. But ensure to contact the professional if the damage is quite tremendous and cannot be cleaned up yourself as it can harm your body and offer significant damage to the property as well.

I hope through this post you will come to know how to clean up the water and flood damage repair in your home or business!

Karl, a marketing manager at EZ Leak Detection, loves to write about plumbing and HVAC services to make the life of the reader easier. Leakages in your property can be dangerous but not all the leaks are easily accessible. He has given extensive information about water leaks and slab leaks and tips to detect them quickly along with quick solutions to prevent you from inconveniences and health hazards. Leakage problems and malfunction of appliances demand comprehensive solutions. Also, regular maintenance is not the thing to be missed for leading a life with zero hassles. Read our recent post related to leakage detection and repair, alerts for HVAC shutdown and how to repair it, and installation of AC and water heater in San Diego.
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