Developing a daily routine is a great stepping stone for integrating back into society after leaving alcohol or drug rehab. It also has the added benefit of reducing the chances of relapse and helps to distract from addiction cravings and withdrawal symptoms. However, sometimes planning a routine can feel a little overwhelming. Here are the elements, benefits, and tips for keeping a healthy daily routine.

Elements of a  Healthy Daily Routine

The elements of a daily routine are completely individualized, and what you choose to do everyday is up to you. Here are a few ideas for what you could implement into your daily life if you are having a hard time coming up with activities to fill up your time during an alcohol or Austin detox.

Have an Exercise Routine: Starting an exercise routine is beneficial for several reasons. The first major benefits of physical activity for recovering addicts is its proven effect on reducing withdrawal symptoms and helping to distract from addiction cravings. It can also help to give your routine more structure when you exercise at the same time everyday.

Set Time Aside to Make and Eat Healthy Meals: Not only is cooking a new hobby that you could take up to keep yourself busy, but focusing on nutrition can help you in your road to recovery. Setting time aside for your meals can help you slow down and can help with reducing your stress as well.

Get Enough Sleep: Aiming to keep yourself rested is essential to building and committing to a successful daily routine. Getting enough sleep ensures that you wake up at the same time everyday and have a consistent daily schedule. 

Make a To Do List: Sometimes we all require a little assist with remembering all that we need to do in a day. A to-do list can keep you on track and help you to avoid forgetting your daily goals.

Set Time Aside for Yourself: It is important to remember to set time aside for self care. This can be things like relaxing at home and participating in activities that you enjoy, and it could also involve going out to do something fun.

Have Social Activities: Joining a support group is a great scheduled social event to take part in on a regular basis during addiction recovery. Maintaining  your social life is important for a healthy mood. Participating in classes and hobby groups are also good things to try when trying to stay busy and social at the same time.

Benefits of Having a Healthy Daily Routine

There are many benefits to having a healthy daily routine. “Benefits like increased self esteem, improvement on your health, and decreasing boredom all promote sober living”, says Mat Gorman, CEO at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes. Here are the reasons why you should implement a daily routine during addiction recovery.

Higher Self Esteem: Having a set routine can make you feel more accomplished with your life of sobriety. This is especially true when you also include hobbies and things to look forward to. Increasing self esteem can also increase motivation and optimism in regards to your addiction treatment.

Improves Your Overall Health: Making healthy changes in your diet and exercise habits make strides in anyone’s health improvement aspirations. However, these changes are especially beneficial for those in recovery.  These changes are proven in helping to reduce various withdrawal symptoms.

Reduced Chance for a Relapse: The outcomes of a healthy daily routine greatly reduce the chances for relapse. Things like stress and mental health problems can be major triggers for many past drug users. However, Improving mood, self esteem, and feelings of accomplishment greatly increases motivation and emotional stability. Working on your health and keeping yourself busy with hobbies are great ways to keep your mind off of addiction cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms as well.

Tips for Keeping Your Daily Routine

It is completely normal to have days where you slip up and are off track with your daily routine, especially if you have just gotten out of an Austin rehab. Consistently writing in a journal, setting reminders for yourself, and maintaining accountability are ways that we can jump back into a healthy schedule after momentarily messing up.

Keep A Journal: Keeping a journal can help you remember your goals and aspirations by writing them down and reading them later. This can help remind you of the reasons behind why you chose to have a healthy daily routine in the first place. It is also a good way to write yourself notes for the future.

Set Reminders on Your Phone: Setting reminders on your phone is a reliable way to remember all of the aspects to your day, which could be helpful with keeping you on track with doing everything on your to do list. This is especially true when you have things that don’t happen everyday. For example, reminders can help you make it to important things like doctors appointments on time.

Have Accountability: It is crucial to maintain accountability for when you make mistakes with both your daily routine and your addiction recovery. Having this mindset can help you to bounce back more quickly, but it is still important to not be too hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, and making them does not mean that your recovery journey is over.


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