So, you have just brought your new-born baby girl home. And as much it is a happy occasion, a million things are stressing you out. How do you best burp her after feeding? How do you bathe her? How do you dress her without causing harm to her delicate skin? Thankfully, we are here to help. In this article, you are going to learn about basics when it comes to choosing a new-born baby girl clothes and how to dress her up for different weather conditions.

How to Choose a New-Born baby girl clothes.

When it comes to a new-born baby girl, you can never have enough clothes. Starting from bodysuits, pants, tops, socks, jumpsuits, nighties, singlets; the list is endless. However, when it comes down to only the most essential clothes that a new-born needs, your work becomes much simpler.

You should make sure you have at least five bodysuits, seven singlets, five jumpsuits, five tops, three cardigans or jackets for cold weather, three to four cotton hats, at least seven pair of socks and three nighties.

And since your baby is a girl, these clothes should be in beautiful bright colours with a lot of floral patterns, colourful cute drawings, and polka dots.

Also, your baby girl’s clothes should be as comfortable as possible, soft and gentle to her skin and easy to wash and take care of. Because of this, clothes made from cotton are preferable. Moreover, cotton clothes are also known for their ability to keep your baby warm in cold weather conditions, and cool in hot weather.

Apart from choosing clothes made from cotton, you should also look for clothes that have a stretchable material around the neck. This material will make dressing up your baby girl an easier process for you and her.

How to Dress up Your Baby Girl in Different Weather Conditions

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, you should notice how a baby’s skin is sensitive to any change in temperatures. This is because unlike us, new-borns do not have an easy time regulating their body temperature. You must, therefore, do that for them, and dressing her up in clothes appropriate for the specific weather condition is the first step.

In hot weather, whether you are taking your new-born baby out for a walk in the park or you are staying in, you should make sure your baby girl does not overheat. You can do this by dressing her in clothes with thin layers and covering her head with a light hat to keep her shielded from the sun. Some of a baby girl’s clothes perfect for hot weather conditions are short-sleeved rompers, a one-piece matched with shorts and cute bodysuits. During cold weather conditions, you should make sure your baby is warm and comfortable. Consider dressing her up in clothes with multiple layers like heavy cardigans, heavy socks, gloves, and heavy pants. However, when you are getting her ready for sleep, you should take away the extra layers to prevent her from overheating during the night.

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