Going on holiday can make or break your relationship. If you do not live together, you will be spending a lot of time with each other, and this will be something new for your relationship. You will have to learn to compromise and make every decision as a couple. To ensure your first holiday together is a success, here are some fundamentals that must be adhered to.

Trial Run – Instead of going on an extended trip, why not book a short couples getaway in NSW before you jump in feet first with a 2-week holiday? It is a good idea to test the water by going on a romantic weekend to see how you get on. Visiting the next state and staying in a nice hotel or resort is a great way to experience your first holiday as a couple without going overboard.

Do Not Propose Straight Away – Things may be going great, and everything just seems perfect and the next moment one of you is down on one knee asking for the others hand in marriage. It is easy to get carried away while on a couple’s holiday, but you must remember that this is your first vacation together and it is not the time to jump the gun. There is no rush to propose on your first getaway, take your time and enjoy each other’s company and leave the proposal for another time.

Make it Hassle-Free – There are many things you can do to make the trip hassle-free. Rentinga car for the holiday is a good idea as you will have more freedom to explore. It allows you to be more spontaneous when you do not have to rely on public transport. If you do not want to dine out, look at booking an all-inclusive package. This means you will not have to choose a restaurant every time you want to eat.

Compromise – The secret to a great couple’s holiday is compromise. Each of you will want to do different things and this is normal. You should not get into an argument about the itinerary, come to a compromise and take time to listen to each other’s options. No matter what you have planned, there should be no leader. If you are a picky eater, try to be adventurous. Travelling as a couple is all about experiencing new things.

Be Flexible – Going on a couple’s holiday is a great way to enhance your relationship. Experiencing new things together will help your relationship to grow and flourish.  Taking a vacation is all about having fun and that is why you should be flexible. Packing your day full of activities is not always a good idea. You need to create some time for yourselves and just relax by the beach for a couple of hours. It is best to be flexible and have several options available if you choose to change the itinerary at the last minute.

Stick Together in a Crisis – Holiday disasters do happen and if you find yourself in the middle of one, do not blame the other person. If your luggage gets lost in the airport or someone steals your bags while out on an excursion, do not point the finger at your partner. Sticking together and working things out will make your relationship stronger.

Avoid Drinking Every Night – It can be tempting to hit the bar every night when you are on a first couples’ holiday. If you have booked into an all-inclusive resort, try to take it easy on the cocktails. The holiday hangover will eventually catch up on you and this can affect your mood.

A first couples’ holiday can tell you a lot about your partner. But you should not be so judgemental on your trip. Staying together may be a new experience for both of you, so you should respect each other’s differences and comprise as much as possible. If something is bothering you, sit down and talk about it.


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