How to Entertain the Kids While You’re Traveling

How to Entertain the Kids

  1. Special toys: Try to keep a stash of special toys. These are things that are put away in the top of the closets, toys in the basement, basically just toys that they rarely see. That way, when you’re traveling they’ll be excited to see the toy and they won’t just throw it down immediately.
  2. Game systems: Need I say more? Don’t forget the headphones though or put a volume rule in place before you leave.
  3. Food: Granola bars, grapes, fruit snacks, cheese crackers . . . try to keep a stash when you are traveling. Usually we don’t like to load our kids up on junk food, but if you’re traveling, sometimes it will keep them extra quiet.
  4. Phone calls: If your kids are getting restless, sometimes you may make a call and let them talk to their favorite relative, or friend.
  5. Pit stop: There’s nothing like a pit stop to keep the craziness away. Take a bathroom break, walk around for a few minutes, walk around the truck stop, people watch.

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