For a long time, cigarette smoking was considered normal and healthy. However, in a recent turn of events, several prominent people and organizations have begun to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking different types of products. As a result, the sales of cigarettes have moderately declined. Despite this fact, this has not affected the sales of smoking jackets in any way.

In fact, it has even soared. This is because of the fact that you can smoke cigars or other products that may present a different sense of elation. For instance, marijuana has now been made legal in multiple countries. Due to that reason, the age gap in purchasing marijuana has significantly widened.

Further, there are still those that appreciate their cuban cigars.

If you want to know the best smoking jackets and what to look out for when picking one, you’re in luck. Here is what you must know in your search to find the perfect smoking jacket. You can also learn some history behind this fantastic clothing accessory, helping you understand what qualifies as a smoking jacket.

How Did The Smoking Jacket Come About?

The smoking jacket is a clothing accessory that was created to meet a need. Back when cigarettes were invented around the 16th century, they were far less compact, and they also produced more odor compared to cigarettes of today. It was so bad that someone who smoked cigarettes could be detected coming from several houses away. Smoking jackets were created to absorb all the ash, smell and be more resistant to the effects of cigarettes.

It was also created to protect the expensive clothing that so many people had. If you smoked tobacco without protective clothing back then, it was very likely to stain your clothes and change the smell of that piece of clothing for a long time.

Between the 1600s and the 1950s, smoking jackets were worn mainly by the people who could afford their high prices. Now, this piece of clothing has been made by several companies for lower prices, allowing more people to afford them. This drastic change was born from the massive rise of the Industrial Age.

How to Detect A Good Smoking Jacket

Now that you know what smoking jackets are and how they were invented, you need to understand how to spot a good smoking jacket. When choosing one, consider the following elements.

Design of the smoking jacket

The design of the smoking jacket is the first thing you should look out for when trying to get one. This is because dozens of smoking jacket designs are made for several kinds of weather, geographical locations, and functionality. The design of these smoking jackets are masterpieces in their own right. Choosing the wrong design wouldn’t be very good for you, regardless of how beautiful it is.

Size and Quality of the Jacket

The size of the jacket is another thing that you should consider when you want to choose a smoking jacket. Typically, any smoking jacket you want to buy should reach the middle of your thighs. It shouldn’t be any longer or shorter.

Additionally, the jacket’s material varies depending on the company manufacturing it, but you should always check if it is quality.

Stay Comfortable

Admittedly, choosing a smoking jacket can be pretty challenging when you take the variety of choices into account. Luckily, above you can find some some history about the smoking jacket and some things to look out for when buying one.


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