Soundcloud has become a big hitter for musicians and artists to spread their art and get popular. However, with a plethora of stars fighting to get attention, it quickly got overcrowded. Without an appropriate plan, your song will go nowhere on Soundcloud. Here are a few ways to get more, better, and quality followers on Soundcloud.

Make Use of is free. It let users generate follow-to-download gateways. Rather giving them free, set up your music through the site by the site, and can have individuals agree to like, follow and re-post, your account/songs in exchange. It’s free and easy, and there is not a single musician who shouldn’t be using it. Additionally, you can register and make your gateways in a minute!

Spend Nothing for Likes and Followers

Buying fake likes or plays can get you more exposure, but it isn’t worth it. A listener who sees tons of plays with a few likes and re-posts or comments look fake, and they will know something is not genuine. 3.

Get In Good With Other Bloggers

Learn how to network with bloggers and get quick boosts by featuring yourself on those blogs. Some blogs get 100s of music submission every day. To be featured, you must have the following traits.

Be humble and neutral when you submit. People are sick of hearing “Hottest music ever,” and then they click the link and find a song which is not even mixed and mastered. Be unbiased about your work.

Submit the best quality. No matter how much creative skills and talent you have, if the recording is not pleasing, it will not get featured.

Focus on what a blogger like rather than what you like. Most people submit their songs to get more following.

Think Bigger By Thinking Small

People go after top sites but do not forget little things while submitting to stand out! Use first name in subject line if that site does not state they need something specific. Someone puts the first name in subject, it is almost sure to get opened, because it shows someone actually done their homework.

Also, don’t ignore smaller sites either. Some individuals might just get 10 submissions every day. Those people are possibly the most attentive and ready to feature your songs. Try to be on second or third page of google search whenever you are searching for blogs which allow submissions.

Don’t Just Focus On Yourself

Like, re-post and comment on other’s music from your SoundCloud account! Send a message to them and ask if you need to re-post or collaborate your music as well.

Also, Include Others in Your Download Gateways

In you can put 7 accounts in one follow-to-download gateway. For instance, you usually collaborate with others. You could include others in your follow-to-download gateways and quickly grow.

Besides setting up your download gateways on, you can use a follow in exchange for an activity with any other thing like a piece of merchandise or announce contests through rest of your social pages or free show tickets to SoundCloud followers. By this, you can simply get more people engaged and following your channel. Practically they aren’t 100 percent free as tickets do charge you something. However, it is one of the super cheapest methods to get more SoundCloud followers quickly.

In addition to this, these ways are real and organic. The worst part is to try to get free followers on SoundCloud from generator, tools, software, bots or free trials. If you need to get organic and real followers on SoundCloud, the most effective way is to try out the methods mentioned above.


There isn’t any magical app or tool to get followers or exchange. However, there are ways to re-post exchange with other channels. Rather purchasing followers on SoundCloud, build apps such as in order to get the buzz out about your channel. Making a free service is one of the best ways to get publicity for anything you are trying to create in music. Click here for more information on how to get your first 5000 followers on SoundCloud.


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