The application of color in a graphic design is indispensable; some involves the addition of two or three different colors for the layout, why some require less or more. Either way, color in a graphic design creates balance; in this case, the best way to apply color is to spit your color into two different choices; the dominant and the accent colors. The dominant has to be obvious to the eye which means they have to be used frequently, while the accent is purely meant to complement the previous colors.

However, there is a need for a complete attention with intense mental effort in order to create balance between the two colors let’s say the dominant color should be about 60% while the accent color should use up the 40 percent left, their contrast, readability (when text is added), and the entire color combination should be in the right manner as well so as to fine-tune and polish the appearance of your graphic design for its main purpose. The real quality of right color combination can be gotten from graphic design company Sydney.

Nevertheless, the choice of color we use and its implementation determines whether your graphic design comes alive or not. With the application of the right colors, you can set a mood that will influence your viewer’s perceptions and emotions. That is why graphic design company Sydneyare the once capable to expand different choices of attractive colors without overwhelming your graphic design with a rainbow color. Therefore, let’s check out the following relationship of colors which tells us how to implement the most attractive colors in a graphic design.

Fresh and Bright Color Combination

Here, you can combine bright shades of green and coral color; this combo can be used for fresh and youthful event posters during the spring seasons. This will make your graphic design pop after a long winter experience.

The Cool Blues

The implementation of monochromatic coloris made up of numeroustones and tints with the shades of a single color that can be diversified which shows their properties of been extremely versatile. If a graphic design is meant for visual purposes than you can produce a similar effect by making use of the color blue; which is the right combination that can be used for any purpose.

Fresh and Energetic Color Combination

The combination of green color and nearly neon shades of blue bring about a bright and fresh visibility in your graphic design. This type of combo can be used for any graphic design that needs energetic vibe such as a fitness brand.

The Neutral and Versatile Color Combination

If you make use of neutral colors such as the shades of gray in combination with tan, they can be paired with almost any other color. This depends on how you apply them to your graphic design; you can use this combo for the branding of sophisticated hotels or a calming design for the visibility of a coffee shop.

Check Out For Crisp Complementary Colors

Red and blue is a common pair of complementary colors, others could be blue or orange and yellow or violet depending on how you want to combine them. These colors produce a high contrast with a very fresh twist.

The implementation of the most attractive colors can be done perfectly by a professional graphic designer through a legitimate graphic design company.

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