Love is a beautiful thing, and it brings some sweet, indescribable feelings to the body. Being in love is so amazing that it is known to have some health benefits.

But it is not just about to be in love, but maintaining that love is what matters. You want to ensure that your love life is an ever-glowing bulb and not a candle that goes out after a long time.

But how do you maintain and even better your love life? No need to scratch your head over that because we are here to answer that for you. Let’s get on with it.

Leave the past in the past

The first thing that anybody in love should always keep in mind is that bygones will always be bygones. Nobody is a saint, and everyone has their dark secrets. Maybe you have been in five relationships, and you were dumped in all of them. It may also be that you were the one who gave those past ladies the boot. Did your partner cheat on you or you’re the one who did the cheating? Regardless of what happened in the past, toss it in the trash and bury it for good.

Just because your past relationship wasn’t glorious doesn’t mean that you should beat yourself up. If it is the first date, try as much as you can to keep things of the past where they belong. If you used to love your ex so much, that doesn’t concern your current girlfriend. Always approach the new or current relationship with a positive mindset and an open heart.

Be Compassionate and Understanding

If you are already in a relationship, understanding, and compassion are among the top characters you should have. You don’t have to pour all your day’s stress on your girlfriend. Your work is yours and just because you have a long day at the office doesn’t mean that you should take it out to your partner.

If your lady comes back home tired and she needs to catch a breath, let her do so by all means. Everybody wants to be understood and cared for by their partner. If you start being too demanding and mean to her, things might not turn out as you expect. When you are understanding and compassionate, it will boost your relationship and also improve your well-being.

Suppose you notice that your partner is stressed, have the decency to comfort her and make her feel loved.

Throw Some Intimacy to It

Intimacy is one of the things that create a bond between couples. It is the reason why some people say making love instead of having sex. If you are in a relationship, ensure that you include sex in your time table at least once every week. But ideally, try to get intimate as many times as you can with your partner.

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Since these are considered OTC pills, always ensure that you consult a doctor before taking them.

Take Time to Reflect on the Relationship 

You might wonder why anyone would want to reflect on their relationship if everything is going on well. Some even say that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But marriage counselors suggest formal check-ins time and again to boost the relationship. Take it as though you were taking your car for regular servicing or when you visit your doctor for regular health checkups.

The aim is not to find a reason to fight, but rather to find any loopholes and seal them accordingly. Reflecting on the relationship helps to tighten the loose screws and ensure that everything is going on smoothly. You can also have weekly meetings even without having to go to the counselor. Sit down and talk about stuff like responsibilities around the house, money, intimate issues, and other relevant stuff.

Be Empathetic

The gift of empathy is something every relationship must have. It is all about putting yourself in the shoes of your partner. This is typically similar to understanding. Stop thinking that you know what someone feels when you don’t even have a clue of what they’re going through. Try to see through the eyes of your partner in order to make your relationship better.

Take, for example, your girlfriend just got fired, and she spends almost every day watching TV or sleeping in the past few days. Instead of starting to tell her how lazy she is and how she should stop ‘crying over spilled milk,’ comfort her and let her know that everything will be okay.

Accept that you are not always right

Too many men are proud, and they think they cannot mess in whatever they do and that their way is always right. But that should not be the case. You should try out new experience and activities that your girlfriend is suggesting. Maybe she wants to go somewhere, or she wants to try out a new sexual experiment. Whatever it is, hear her out and join her in that which she suggests. Don’t blow her off just because it is something that you don’t approve. When a partner knows that they are free to do whatever they desire, they will live in freedom and happiness as well.

Always say Thanks

Your girlfriend just bought you a birthday gift, say thank you. She arranged your socks drawer, thank her. She even ironed the suit you will wear tomorrow to work, say thank you. Always appreciate your partner for every simple thing she does. Experts say that having a heart of gratitude helps to keep the relationship lively and happy too. Whenever you say thanks, you will give that person the reason to do that same thing or a better one.

Always try hard to work at making your love life better. Plus, remember to be happy with the way your relationship is and don’t compare it with another relationship. Here are other things to avoid when you are in a relationship.


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