In housekeeping, having a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t perform effectively is very frustrating. Running the vacuum cleaner over the same spot again and again until you have to find another way to pick the dirty crumbs proves that the vacuum cleaner has lost its suction. Dyson vacuum cleaners are the best in the world, and for them to keep performing smoothly, you require keeping them clean always. In this article, we will present you with facts that can ensure that your filter is running smoothly.

Dyson has a cutting edge technology and innovation but just like any other appliances wear and tear takes place over time. It tends to lose suction due to the following elements:

  • Filters need cleaning or replacement
  • There is a blockage in the ducting. To check this, one needs to disassemble the valve pipe assembly.
  • There is splitinto the hoses or seals. This is caused by overstretching the hose or pulling it hard and in case this is noticed one can replace the hose.
  • There is a fault with the belt or motor. Once the motor is noticed to be faulty, a new one can be replaced.

A Dyson filter needs to be cleaned on the head, filter and the bin for it to perfectly perform its suction task. It is good to first know the safety warnings before cleaning to avoid accidents.

Don’ts when maintaining a vacuum cleaner

  • Never use detergents, fresheners or polishes of any kind when cleaning the bin.
  • Never place the clear bin in a dishwasher.
  • Never put the filter in a dishwasher, tumble dryer, oven, washing machine, microwave or anywhere near a naked flame.
  • When checking for blockages do not use sharp objects.
  • Some of the filters have carbon fibre brushes which can irritate the skin and therefore, once you handle the brushes always clean your hands with water.

Dyson filter is made in such a way thatit needs cleaning every six months to perform optimally.
The following steps are followed when maintaining the filter:

Step #1

The filter is found on the top or also known as the canister of the vacuum; hence you need to open the top filter compartment and push the clips upwards. Take the filter housing out &scrub the bin with a micro fibre cloth

Step #2

The blue sponge-filter needs to be removed from the filter housing in Yellow. If the blue foam section is much worn, it’s always good to consider purchasing a new one to restore suction power.

Step #3

Clean the sponge-filter in blue using cold water until the water that runs through it is completely clear. The inner part is always composed of dirt and grime,and it’s good to use the high pressure spray hose to run water through it until the filter is clear. Spray on both sides until the water is running clear.

Step #4

Ensure that both the filter and housing are completely dry before reinstallation is done, and never start using the vacuum before the filters are installed back or when it is still wet.

Step #5

After cleaning the filter, set the housing filter sponge aside for a minimum of a complete day to allow for drying.


Once the above steps are followed, one is assured to have a well-performing vacuum cleaner with great suction power just like as when the vacuum cleaner was new.