The key to a good birthday party as with any event is to plan everything before. Making the arrangements with can save you a pretty penny, stress and a world of disappointment for your child. You don’t want to scramble at the last minute to put together a party through which you’re going to be stressed anyway. You want to enjoy the party too! Doing everything in advance lets you sit back and relax. It’s quite fun to put together a


Smash that piggy bank and see how much you can spare for the party. This is the most important step. Knowing how much money you can spare can save you embarrassment later. Allocating budget can also help you plan the party further easily.

Involve your child

The birthday party is for your child. Involve them in the planning and make even planning fun. You may be pleasantly surprised at how insightful your kid is. There could be a lot of things you could learn from them. Doing activities together will not only educate your child but you as well. If there’s one thing you need to take care of, it is overpromising. Gently tell your child what’s possible and what’s not. If they want something, gently explain to them why it’s not possible.


Now it’s the time to send out invitations. You would do well to send them out at least 2 weeks in advance so there’s ample time for the invitees to plan and confirm if they’re attending. Involve your child in making the invitations. A handmade invite is a sweet gesture and will teach your child interpersonal skills.

Food and decorations

After you hear back from everyone, you can now start planning the food and decorations you want to put up. Take suggestions from your child, after all, it’s their special day. Ask them what they would like on their birthday. You could even have a theme party. This party is a very important event in your child’s life and they are really looking forward to it. Plan the food too. What’s the weather? What do most of the children like? You can get in touch with the parents of the children who are attending the party and ask them for any special things you need to look out for like allergies and preferences.

You can create little goodie bags like Mexican candy bags to give children as they go back from the party. Children love little goodies.

Order the party cake well in advance so the baker has ample time to prep it.

Games and activities

All kids’ parties must have games! Children love doing activities together and it keeps them entertained. This is a great time for bonding your kids with each other too. Friendships from a young age go a long way and it would be nice to help your kid connect with others in their age group. You can ask your children’s friends what they would like to do, so you can plan the big day.

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