Driving is a necessary activity to reach from one place to another. However, it sometimes turns into a tragedy as the result of an accident that may cause injuries and also claim valuable lives. Though car accidents may occur anywhere, drivers are highly prone to accidents while they are driving through a construction zone.

When we look at the car accident statistics in construction areas, sadly, we get to know alarming figures. According to The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse, which is a project of ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation, stats for construction zone accidents in the US are as follows:

  • 672 crashes occurred, causing 755 fatalities in 2018.
  • 720 crashes occurred, causing 809 fatalities in 2017.
  • 688 crashes occurred, causing 782 fatalities in 2016.
  • 658 crashes occurred, causing 718 fatalities in 2015.

These accidents occur in almost all states, so one has to be careful while driving in any state while passing through a construction zone. If you are in Orange County, South California, depending on the fault, one can be compensated for the injuries and damages provided that you contact an experienced Orange County car accident lawyer.

Well, most of these accidents and fatalities could have been avoided if the drivers knew how to safely drive through a construction zone. However, we are all in a hurry to reach somewhere, and most drivers often ignore the safety signs and regulations emplaced in the work area. Sometimes, drivers even hit the flaggers deliberately; such a reckless event occurred in Burnaby, Canada, when a woman in SUV truck hit two flaggers in mid-2017. The first flagger was admitted to the hospital for head injury and bruises, and the second flagger suffered minor injuries.

As responsible citizens, we must be careful and learn how to safely drive through a construction zone in order to save ourselves and our fellow citizens. In this regard, the following tips will help you drive safely and in a work area.


In an active work area, you should always yield the right-of-way to the construction vehicles and utility potholing workers to avoid traffic jams.

Follow the Signs

There are many emplaced signs alongside the roadway before the actual work area, and the purpose is to advise the drivers to prepare for taking necessary measures. Thus, the moment you see a sign for “work area ahead,” slow down your car to the suggested speed limit. Also, it is time you remain on the lookout for construction workers, equipment, and barricades.

The sign may also suggest diversions, so follow the suggested route because it will be impossible to pass through the usual route. So, ensure to obey signs that tell you to stop, slow down, or take a diversion. Remember that you could get a ticket if you don’t follow the signs, and most importantly, you or someone else could get hurt because of negligence. On the whole, you must obey all posted signage.

Keep Twice the Distance

Since drivers may need to stop suddenly, rear-end collisions often take place in a construction zone. So, in addition to slowing down your car, you should also keep twice the normal distance.

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No Distraction

A major reason for accidents is distractions while driving, so one of the most important tips for driving safely in a work area as well as in general is to stay alert. It means that you avoid distracted driving, i.e., o use of cell phones, applying makeup, eating food, being engrossed in radio, etc.

Practice Patience

As you drive through a construction zone, it is obvious that you need to reduce your car’s speed limit, so this directly implies you to be patient. It is difficult to stay patient and obey other rules, but all of it helps you to avoid accidents. The construction crew members are working to improve the infrastructure while keeping you safe from any harms. You can help them by respecting the guidelines with patience.

Listen to the morning news before you leave home

There are a few radio stations that keep you updated with the latest traffic reports. They let the listeners know of work areas. If you find some news for a work area on your route, you can be mentally prepared. Also, you may consider taking another route if you know of any.

I hope you will follow these tips and be more careful while driving through a construction zone. To ensure everyone’s safety, we all need to be in it, or else the car accidents in the work areas will be hanging like a sword on our heads. I have tried my best here to help you take all appropriate precautions so that you can ensure to be focused on your driving. Also, as a safety measure, have contact details of a professional Orange County car accident lawyer if an accident may occur to claim for the incurred damages.

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