For some women, a man who acts too needy may be a complete turn-off. Being overly needy in your relationship can result in two things. Your partner may become uninterested in you and the relationship. Or, may begin to take advantage and probably place you in that zone where no one wants to be in, yes, you guessed right, the friendzone.

And while you may be aware of the ill effect that being needy can cause in your relationship, you maybe couldn’t help yourself as you grew deeper in love. Unfortunately, the inevitable has happened and your partner has left you. You want them back; however, you do not know how to go about this.

Today is your lucky day because this article will discuss tips that will help you save yourself from the loneliness that has enveloped you. But first, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. What were the needy behaviors that you exhibited in your relationship?

Signs That You Are Needy

The following are some of the clingy behavior needy people exhibit in relationships…

  • Multi Texting – While it is cool texting your partner, sending them multiple text messages in between short periods screams needy. It makes you appear desperate and having too much free time at hand. Some even take it a step further and get angry and cause a fight whenever their incessant texts aren’t replied to.
  • Getting Extremely Jealous – Being jealous is cool; it shows that you care about your partner. But being jealous in situations where you should not be jealous can be interpreted as being clingy.
  • Shadowing – Shadowing is when you cannot bear the thought of being away from your partner that you end up following them everywhere. Hence, becoming their shadow. Wanting to be with your partner is cool, but going from room to room with them can be a major clingy behavior.
  • Being Controlling – When you try to control your partner because you feel insecure then that is you being needy. You don’t let them go out with friends, or you censor who and who not they get to hang out with are some of the ways you can be controlling.
Signs That You Are Needy

Visit here to find out other behaviors that are indicators of being needy in a relationship. You need to know these clingy behaviors first as understanding them is the first step of regaining your relationship. With that being said, let us look at the tips you need to help save your relationship.

5 Tips to Help Save Your Relationship After Being Needy

Now that you understand the behaviors that had turned your relationship sour, it is time to fix the problem. The following tips will help you re-attract your ex that you were clingy with.

1. Figure out Your Needy Behavior

We have listed out some of the behaviors that are considered clingy. Now, you need to evaluate your relationship and figure out which of these crimes you were guilty of. Doing this is easy; you simply need to look for that clingy behavior your ex often complained about.

Once you figure out the behavior then work towards changing it.

2. Give Them Space

Now, this may be hard for you. You may want to blast their phones with text messages, calls, voice notes, and other things. This rule also works if your relationship is on the verge of collapse due to your needy behavior. Check out this article on how to give your partner space so he can miss you. Remember, the needy behavior is what got you here in the first place, so constantly reaching out to them would in no way aid your case.

We recommend that you try the “no contact” law for a given time, say 3 weeks or at least a month. This will help you achieve two things…

  • You will give your ex the chance to cool off. Trying to reason with your ex when they are still upset with you will significantly reduce your chances of getting back with them. But, when you give them some time and then try reaching out later, they will be willing to listen to you.
  • You also get the chance to rebrand yourself. You don’t want to go back to the relationship as the same clingy person you initially were. If not you would be back to this point even faster than you were the first time. Presenting yourself to your ex as a different, no-longer-clingy person is the surest means to get them back. And you need some time alone to become this different person.
Give Them Space

3. Rediscover Yourself

As a needy person, we know you had adopted all your partner’s hobbies as yours. This is probably why you are so miserable now because you do not even know how to be your person anymore. You have forgotten all the things you used to do for fun before you got into the relationship.

While becoming so in love with a person that you find yourself adopting their passions as yours is cool, losing yourself in the process is all wrong. You need to rediscover yourself. Take this time and get back to doing things you used to love doing. Remember, your partner fell in love with who you were, and not an imitation of their selves.

4. Rebrand Yourself

This is the most important step you need to take. Self-improvement is a major way to stop looking needy. Strive to become better in everything you do. Focus on yourself and your life, deal with all your insecurities, turn your weakness into strength, and discover new fun ways to live.

You can visit to get more tips on how to save your relationship after being needy. Only contact your ex after you are sure that you are now a better person than you used to be.


Being needy in a relationship may end up ruining the relationship. However, despite knowing this, many persons do not avoid this pitfall as they grow deeper in love. Fortunately, you can still save your relationship after you have committed this grave crime. This article discusses sure tips that will help you save your relationship after you were needy.

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