If your garage door is falling away or has become an eyesore, then replace it with the best garage door for your situation – find one that suits your home, that is easy to operate and lasts for years. Not only does a new garage door provide secure, safe and easy access to your garage, but it can renew and refresh your property’s appearance especially from the curbside. New garage doors may give your home an instant curb appeal.For best garage doors Sunshine coast visit Steel-line.com.au. to get the right option for your home.

Materials used for many of today’s garage doors due to technology can withstand weathering for many years including Steel, fiberglass, wood composites and aluminium. Wood, not as durable as most other manufactured materials, always remains a favourite. Though each of these materials has its benefits, consumers mostly prefer wood and steel doors.

Wood – Wood remains classic because of its natural beauty, easy customisation and availability. But it’s life is not as long as other materials and so it requires consistent care.

Steel – Steel garage doors  have become very  popular as they are strong, low maintenance and relatively inexpensive. The state-of-art Steel doors do an excellent job of imitating the wood look.

Fibre Glass And Aluminium – Fiberglass doors consist of an aluminium frame with fiberglass sections. Like aluminium , fiberglass is lightweight. Advantages of fiberglass include translucency and its resistance to the effects of salt air.

What’s New?

Besides being made from increasingly durable materials, garage doors become loaded with high-tech features. They include high performance insulation, finished interior services, energy saving racing, baked on exterior finishes and more. Few non wood doors have been given realistic wood grain surfaces that accepts stains-it is hard to tell the difference between these and real wood

Carriage Style – in terms of style, carriage house garage doors have become popular because of their classic look. These doors have become a favourite as twin single-doors blend beautifully with the home’s architecture.

Aluminium Framed Doors – For sleek contemporary look, aluminium framed doors having translucent or opaque glass panels are hard to beat. Aluminium framed translucent doors light up the house at night and fill the garage with natural light during the day.

Swinging Garage Doors – Both out swing and in swinging garage doors can be bought but the problem is that swinging the door requires quite a bit of area to swing. To be authentic to the architecture of some homes – a craftsman style home having a real swinging out wooden carriage door – is the only way to go.

Where To Buy Garage Doors?

 You can buy garage doors from major home improvement centres, at home depot or lowe’s. You can buy them also from local independent garage door companies.


Few home improvement centres sell garage doors designed to do it yourself to install. If you are buying a door to install yourself, read complete and easy-to-follow instructions. Unless you are accomplished, do it yourselfer, you should not install a garage door. The work requires a few carpentry skills and tools and the heavy duty springs can be dangerous to work with so you need a helper. The job may take a little more than a day, whereas a professional installer will usually do it in about 5 hours.

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