The 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that 30.5 million Americans had used drugs in the 30 days before submitting the questionnaire. 

It’s no secret that many people in the country struggle with addiction. But what is less well-known is how to stop using drugs. 

Overcoming addiction is no simple process, but it’s one you can manage with the right advice. 

How to Stop Using Drugs

Everyone’s journey to an addiction-free life will be different. Before you embark on the process, consult with a doctor to ensure you’re taking the healthiest and safest steps possible. 

Then, see if these five tips can help you as you begin beating addiction for good. 

1. Find a Treatment Program

In most cases, the best way to overcome drug addiction is in a professionally guided treatment program. 

Not all of these rehabilitation centers are created equally, though. Good drug rehab programs should include behavioral therapies and social reintegration support

Do your research — or asked a loved one for help — so that you can find a program that will provide these must-haves for recovery. For best treatment programs concerning opioid addiction, we recommend this suboxone clinic for you to check out.

2. Consider Therapy

On that note, poor mental health is often the root cause of drug addiction. Many people have undiagnosed issues, such as depression, and they attempt to self-medicate with addictive substances. 

A therapist can help you pinpoint and work through the problems you face. This solution is a much longer-term one than using drugs to dull the pain. So, going through therapy and healing can help you stop doing drugs for good. 

3. Look For Patterns

Some people will keep a drug diary so they can see when, where and with whom they most often use. 

Try this method and see if you can find any patterns. Do certain people or situations pressure you into using? If so, you can make a point to avoid these triggers, thus reducing the likelihood that you’ll do drugs or relapse. 

4. Lean on Others For Support

You’re not in this alone. In fact, your loved ones can and should be part of your rehabilitation process. 

For one thing, their presence will make you feel supported as you tackle your addiction. Plus, your rehab counselors can rely on them for information and observe family dynamics. Your personal life and relationships can sometimes help explain why you’re suffering from addiction.

If you do bring your family into your rehab process, though, be sure to listen to what they tell you. Hearing how your addiction affects them can be an eye-opening experience. It might even help you stick to your plan so that you do better for them and yourself. 

5. Go Easy on Yourself

Those who ask how to overcome a drug addiction should know that it’s not going to be an easy process. 

Don’t expect to get over your addiction right away. Instead, be kind to yourself and let go of guilt when you face a setback. On the other hand, be sure to celebrate your successes, too — this will be hard, but you can do it. 

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Beating Addiction Starts With You

These five tips will begin to teach you how to stop using drugs. With professional guidance, support and self-love, you will be on your way to recovery and a new life. 

When that time comes, be sure to maintain your newfound wellness by reading up on our blog’s health section.