Very often, when you start writing an article, either you have a thousand thoughts in your head at the same time or vice versa – a complete calm. The same medicine will help to get rid of both symptoms – a structure of a text.

Start your writing with the creation of a skeleton of text. In case you have a mess of thoughts, the clear plan will help you to organize all them logically and cut straight to the chase. And if in your head there are no ideas at all, then a thoughtful structure will serve as a solid ground to jump off in your imagination.

The structure of your article is built by writer individually, taking into account the task of text. In general, construction supposes the presence of an attractive title and the main text, separated by paragraphs and subtitles. Headings and subheadings should be bright, immediately catch your eye. The more original is the title, the more likely that the article will be read. So do not neglect this vital part of your text. Marked lists and images that visually separate an article into several parts will also improve readability. Besides, a central part has a specific structure, depending on the ultimate goal of text.

  1. The logical structure is typical for manuals. Its peculiarity consists in the fact that each new paragraph follows from the previous one. The main idea is usually placed in the first paragraph and is following with its detailed explanation. This structure is convenient for analyzing information.
  1. The pyramid structure is typical for a description of news, i.e. Essential information about an event is submitted at the beginning of your text. And in all subsequent paragraphs is located more detailed information. This structure allows you to learn about a crucial event from the first sentence of text and, if necessary, read more details.
  1. Filling sites with content often involve using a combined structure, especially for blogs. While doing write my essay tasks, for example, a pyramidal system can be used at the beginning of your text, and further are given an analysis of event and opinion of the author.
  1. A commercial structure involves writing articles for sale of goods or services. To achieve this effect, AIDA system is frequently used (it means attention, interest, desire, action). However, the structure of such a text is not always logical.
  1. The FAQ structure is most typical for interviews, polls or pages with answers to frequently asked questions by users. Each paragraph of an article consists of a question and answer to it. Such a structure saves reader’s time by providing him or her with a direct answer to a specific question.
  1. A chaotic structure involves the use of several methods of submitting information simultaneously. Thus, not only makes the perception of information more complicated, but an interest of the audience also decreases.

Small advice. Reread and edit your article several times after writing it. If some parts of the text cause any doubts by you, then do not be too lazy to fix it – starting from just rearranging the sentences, ending with significant changes in structure. Your goal is writing of clearly structured and coherent text. Do not stop until you reach it.

Of course, every author decides by himself how to write an article, but it is necessary to take into account needs of the audience and purpose of a text. But its primary task is to be understandable and interesting to users.

Writing articles is a useful skill with which you can earn, for example, by selling articles directly to magazines, websites or through exchanges for copywriters. Also, you can post interesting articles on your website or blog.