How to Use Amazon Messages to Promote Your Brand and Products

How to Use Amazon Messages to Promote Your Brand and Products

You must be able to effectively utilize your resources if you want to build a successful online business as an Amazon seller. You must understand how to communicate with clients in order to give customer service, answer questions about the products, and handle returns and refunds. To do this, you must make use of the Buyer-Seller Messaging Centre. Learn more about the buyer-seller messaging center on Amazon, how it works, and how to use buyer-seller communications to build your brand and attract satisfied customers. So, here let’s know how to get to messages on Amazon.

What is the Amazon Message Center?

After a transaction, sellers can simply access the buyer-seller messaging center on Amazon to solicit feedback from customers and offer customer support. Contrary to what a lot of new sellers believe, this tool is simple to use. One of the distinctive characteristics that influence sellers to choose AMZN over eBay is the texting option.

Do you want to know how to check Amazon messages? You merely need to find your way around the buyer-seller message center; it’s nothing complicated. The buyer-seller message center operates as shown below.

The informing place permits you to speak with purchasers secretly for however long you’re not sharing any delicate data. Purchasers are allocated unknown email tends that dealers can use to contact them. These messages stay consistent for purchasers, and you can continuously reach them utilizing their email addresses. Be that as it may, AMZN made it feasible for purchasers to quit getting messages from dealers. Thus, in the event that the purchaser has this choice empowered, your messages won’t be conveyed.

The purchaser vender informing focus is a simple method for following consumer loyalty. Utilizing this component, you can get criticism and screen objections. You can likewise track or proposition returns and get supportive contributions from your clients. Selling on Amazon is beneficial, however, in the event that you don’t focus on the client experience, your possibilities of creating a gain will decline progressively. Staying in contact with your clients after a buy is a certain fire method for fulfilling your purchasers, gaining positive surveys, and making more deals.

How To Get Messages on Amazon:

Assuming you’re considering how to check messages on Amazon, the key is the Purchaser Dealer Informing Center. The Purchaser Vendor Informing Center permits purchasers and merchants to convey secretly without sharing delicate data. Every purchaser is allowed a mysterious email that dealers can use to reach them, and each contact email continues as before for that purchaser. Nonetheless, purchasers can quit getting spontaneous messages from dealers, in which case your message will not be conveyed.

The Purchaser Merchant Informing Center is one of the most mind-blowing Amazon vendor assets since it permits you to remain in consistent contact with purchasers. Purchaser vendor correspondence permits you to get input, offer returns, and get important bits of knowledge from your clients. Keep in mind, a reasonable line of correspondence likewise assists work with trusting with clients.

You must enable buyer-seller texting in your settings before you can use it. Finding your notification choices and enabling buyer-seller messaging are both easy to do as a vendor. One of the most crucial steps in the process of checking messages on an Amazon account is this one.

To enable Buyer-Seller Messaging so that customers can contact you regarding your products:

  • To change your notification preferences, go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Edit from the Messaging section.
  • If you want Amazon customers to contact you with questions about your products, tick the Buyer Messages check box and provide your email address.
  • Choose Save.

How to Check Messages on Amazon:

Depending on the sort of account you’re using, there may be different procedures for finding messages on Amazon. Be aware that the location of the Message Centre on Amazon occasionally changes for buyers.

For Sellers:

You can send and receive messages without leaving your seller central dashboard if the buyer-seller messaging feature is activated. How to access your Amazon message center inbox is shown below:

  • Log in to access your account.
  • Choosing “Your Account” is possible by clicking the drop-down arrow next to “Account and Lists.”
  • On the screen will be ten rectangular boxes with different text and icon designs.
  • To get to your inbox, click the envelope image close to “Your Messages”.
  • All of your subsequent messages will be saved there once you successfully open them. Older updates and communications from Amazon sellers will still be viewable to you if you’re an old user who misplaced the Message Centre and didn’t delete them.

For Shoppers:

For buyers the steps are…

  • Make sure your Buyer-Seller Messaging Service is turned on because if it isn’t, you won’t get any messages from your clients. It is accessible via the settings menu’s “Notification Preference” section.
  • Once enabled, check the seller messages on Amazon by going to the seller dashboard and looking for the “Orders” option.
  • Pick the customer who needs to be contacted by selecting “Manage Orders” to view the list of orders.
  • Click the buyer’s login in the “Contact Buyer” area after the order has been opened.
  • Use their stated email address to send them an email through a separate email provider, or send a message through your Seller Central account.


Sign in to your Amazon or merchant account and use the methods above to send and receive messages to check the Amazon Message Centre in the app or on their website. With this component, you are constantly informed and can give a speedy reaction to your clients. Being responsive is an illustration of good client care that will help your business.

Being an Amazon vendor is a brilliant kind of revenue. Nonetheless, a couple of costs may not be essential for your capital, such as recruiting a group to deal with the Message Place on Amazon. Assuming that is the situation, contact PIRS Capital now and let our experts assist you with assets to make your private company effective.

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