One could say that workspace management has taken a huge turn during recent times. Work from home is the new normal these days. People were not prepared for such a significant shift in the work environment, which has affected the staff’s productivity. The management of projects among a big team has always been a challenge, and this situation has not made it any better. The Smartsheet tool could be the best opportunity for any businesses to get back on track for a more focused workflow.

What is Smartsheet? In simple terms, a Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-like tool built for project management. There are many ways in which a specialized Smartsheet tool would be more advantageous for better productivity. The easiness of a hassle-free setup and rich features that augment the project planning, progress capturing, and project reporting phases of a project make it a compelling case to use it for optimum efficiency of project handling within a team.

It’s all in the cloud

What makes any tool a great asset is its ease of use. To spend hours installing and configuring a tool is not ideal. The Smartsheet tool is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any software installation. One could operate Smartsheet in any web browser. Since it’s all happening in the cloud, any progress a team member makes would get synced to all other relevant team members without any delay.

The Solution Centre

Smartsheet hosts a ton of templates the users could choose for specific work cases. Once a template is selected, it’s elementary. Any template would have a Dashboard, Plan sheet, Milestones report and Risk report. These get filled up as one makes some progress on the project. The Project Plan Sheet is the primary source of data, based on which other sheets interpret the project’s progress. With creating a report being as simple as the click of a button, life could not be simpler. If one feels like these automatically created reports lack true customization, they can customize it anyway using the inbuilt widgets option. Adding the company logo to a report is one such minor customization that would give some life to the project report.

Why use Smartsheet?

In a market where a business’s competence is always under scrutiny for the quality of service and customer satisfaction, one can never stress enough the need to stay organized. Having to manage a project among multiple people, especially in today’s era, is a test of coordination within a team. Often, a slight mistake that one person in a team has overlooked can later cause huge mismatches. Having to spend hours together on an avoidable mistake could even prove fatal to seamless customer interaction. This is why employees are often forced to jot down even the most trivial things, and it takes a significant portion of one’s valuable time to stay organized. This is where Smartsheet can help. With hundreds of templates, it has the exact suite of assets for that boost in productivity. With the one-touch accessibility to share the project Smartsheet with the clients, one can claim the brownie points for extra transparency in handling projects.

Benefits of using Smartsheet

The success of any business is generally measured by the quality of its products or services. One can state without doubt that the key to successfully running a business is to create a feeling of oneness among the staff. This, in turn, brightens up the office atmosphere and will organically improve the quality of work and customer relations. Recent surveys indicate that the ease of connecting with the team is one of the critical factors the employees look for in a business.

With high-quality assets available at the click of a few buttons, Smartsheet enables the business to grow faster than ever by letting them make more progress rather than spending time analyzing previous progress and performance appraisal meetings. Consequently, companies have reported much reduced operational costs while charting new heights in terms of business turnover.

How beneficial will it be for me?

Any business thrives on the satisfaction of the clientele and the potential for growth. It takes considerable effort to stay up-to-date with the changing global economy. The first step to committing oneself to the team’s development is the willingness to adapt and make the proper use of technological advancements. With tons of use-cases already preset for the user, Smartsheet might be the key to boosting productivity that one deserves!


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