The production of cold-rolled steel makes it possible to produce strips and sheets with a thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm which cannot be done with the hot method. Cold rolling produces high-quality products dimensions of which are respected accurately, the surface is flawless, physical and mechanical properties allow the use of sheets in various industries, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy. The cold rolling production cycle is energy-intensive when compared to hot technology. A cold alloy is prone to resist any kind of deformation, it does not keep its established shape and can be broken if it is excessively exposed. So in this way only sheets of small thickness are obtained. This determines the scope of application of this type of steel which is used for the manufacture of housings of various devices, building and cladding materials, bodies for vehicles.

Cold rolled coil  broaching includes:

  • Release of cold rolled sheet metal burning in rolls;
  • temper rolling;
  • cutting sheets from a roll on cross-cutting machines, straightening, oiling;
  • rejection of products, packaging for the presentation, shipment to the consumer;

Sometimes, in production workshops, in parallel, tinning or galvanizing of metal strips is carried out on special units, this is done after the rolling phase.

Thin cold rolled coil steel

Cold rolled steel coil is mainly purchased by enterprises which then produce final products from it. They have all the necessary equipment for cutting metal, so they do not need to purchase sheet steel. In addition, cold rolled steel in coils is cheaper than a similar amount of sheet material. The economic factor in any business plays a primary role, and reducing the cost of production allows you to win the price dispute from competitors.

Rolls are of various widths, due to the scope of the material. The cold-rolled strip of low carbon steel is a narrow strip rolled into a roll. It is used in the manufacture of pipes, separators for bearings, steel wire and other small details. The presence of a narrow ribbon makes it possible not to engage in longitudinal cutting of rolls, which significantly speeds up the process of manufacturing various products. Processing of coiled steel takes a little longer than sheet steel, since the workpiece must first be leveled.        

The material may be subject to additional manipulations to give it certain properties. For example, galvanized cold-rolled steel is covered with a layer of zinc, which provides it with high resistance to corrosion. This material is used to produce 90% of car bodies around the world. Roofing materials, housings for household appliances, ventilation structures are also made of galvanized steel. Electrotechnical cold-rolled steel is used for the manufacture of electric motor housings. After special treatment it receives electromagnetic properties that minimize energy loss when the engine is running, reduce its size and increase its efficiency. Cold-rolled stainless steel is widely used in the manufacture of various materials for external plating of buildings and structures, as well as in the manufacture of gas stoves, cabinet refrigerators for other types of household appliances.


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