Are you wondering about which data recovery software you need to use to recover your lost data from Windows 10? Well, why don’t you try iSkysoft data recovery software? iSkysoft data recovery is an effective tool you can use to recover data from computer and any storage device, including from Windows 10-based computers. You can click this link for downloading iSkysoft data recovery software. Before heading to the tutorial, let’s check out the brief introduction of what the software is.

An introduction of the software

Actually, what is iSkysoft and why should you use it to recover your files? iSkysoft is the kind of software you would want to have when your important files are lost since it is solely designed to handle such a problem! It is able to recover data from computer and any storage device and the data it can recover are various, from photos, audio files, e-mails, and from many other kinds of data. You should use iSkysoft data recovery software since it provides a quick and deep scan in order to make sure the progress is both fast and thorough. Besides, this data recovery software is very simple yet very safe and powerful.

Recovering lost data from Windows 10

It is true that Windows 10 is indeed the finest OS that Windows ever released and most Windows users enjoy this operating system or want to get this OS. However, this OS still has several limitations and issues. The biggest problem in the OS would be the loss of data and the biggest would be the software loss after updating the Windows 10. Thankfully, iSkysoft data recovery can be used to recover your lost files!

iSKysoft is actually pretty interesting to download since it can make your life way simpler than before, especially when you want to recover lost files. Data loss issue is now easy to get rid of by using this software across all devices. Even when your device ends up becoming corrupt and loses all the data, this data recovery software can be used easily to fix such a problem! Click this link to download iSkysoft data recovery.

The most common mistake that people do

In terms of using a Windows 10 computer, there is a mistake that most people commonly do, although it is not exactly a mistake but merely a bad habit. Most people tend to store most of their files and folders in the folder which is named as My Document in the C drive. This kind of habit means that all of your data, from the business data to the entertainment data, are all stored in the same place. These data may be lost when you are updating your PC and you would have a bad time recovering without using iSkysoft data recovery software. Now, let us head out to the ways you can do to recover your lost data from a Windows 10 computer!

1. Pick the file types

After downloading the software, install and run it. iSkysoft provides you 6 different types of files that you can choose to recover. Checking multiple options is possible and you can recover more than one type of file. Now that you have chosen the file type, click the Next button.

2. Pick the destination location

After picking the types of files and clicking the next button, you will have to select which drive you have to be scanned. You do not need to worry about any difficulties since the software provides the options to select specific locations. It enables you to save time and making your effort simpler and faster. When you have finished selecting the locations, click the Start button.

3. Recovery starts!

After that, the software will start scanning. The next step after scanning is to choose the files found to recover, then, you have to wait for the process to finish. By the time you press the Recover button, the recovery process has already begun to take place. The time required to finish the process will depend on the size and the number of the files. The deep scan option can recover more files but it takes more time as well. Download the iSkysoft toolbox to make your effort easier.

Summary: Losing files is a terrible thing to happen when using a Windows 10 computer. Thankfully, it is easy to recover those files by using iSkysoft data recovery software!