Sending mail or important documents via a courier is a relatively straightforward matter; most of us can do it without any trouble at all. But there are some set guidelines you need to follow when sending an envelope, whether you are sending it via regular post or with a courier service for better and faster delivery. Most people and businesses prefer to use courier services for sending envelopes, especially if the contents are important, and they want to make sure that they can track their envelope quickly and accurately. Courier services are also excellent because they can simply pick up your envelope straight from your office or home, saving you the time and expense of going out. So how then can you properly address and send an envelope via courier service? Here’s how to send an envelope via courier.

How to address your envelope

If you are sending a regular envelope, the name and address of the recipient should be written in the lowermost left corner of your envelope’s front. Of course, you need to make sure that you write the address as legibly as you can, and if you can print the address instead of writing it, so much the better.

Make use of ink or a pen which can be seen clearly against envelope’s colour, and align the text to the left – avoid stepped or centred lines. Avoid making use of commas as well as full stops, and try to leave a good margin or space around the recipient’s address as well.

If you are making use of an online courier service, you will probably receive a label for your envelope, so print it out and stick it on the envelope. The label is essential since it will display your recipient’s address as well as your address, and it will also have a tracking number that identifies the envelope and allows it to be tracked. To make sure that your envelope will reach its final destination, you should also rewrite the recipient’s address and your address on the envelope using a pen, along with both the recipient’s and your phone numbers, so the envelope is still delivered even if the label peels off.

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The format of the address

There is also a proper way to send a parcel in terms of writing the address, and most of us are familiar with this. But to be doubly sure, here’s your guide:

The top lines: on the top lines, print or write down the name of the recipient above their address. Make sure you include their full name, both the first name and the surname. If you are sending the envelope to a person in an organisation or company, write or print the company or organisation name underneath the person’s name. The middle lines: use one single line for the number and street, but if there is a full name for the property, use one line for it with the street name underneath. On the next lines, write down the name of the village or local area. The next line will then be the town, and write it down in capital or block letters. The bottom-most line should be the actual postcode of the recipient in the UK (in block letters as well). If the destination is another country, write down the name of the country right after the area code, and make it in capital letters, too.


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