The cash register is no longer the ‘upgraded calculator’ with cash drawer. It is the entire technical infrastructure, which also provides insight into sales, purchasing, logistics, inventory management and forms the basis for business operations and is known as POS System. The cash register as it is still used in many shops and catering establishments will disappear in the coming days. Or, as Trustworthy Cash Registers Foundation says: “This can soon go to the museum.”

The contribution of a POS to a company

Most entrepreneurs – especially with online sales – have more and more complex processes and benefits from steering information and links. That costs money, but is more than worth the investment. From experience, we know that a good and reliable system increases the value of the company as more data is collected and made accessible in a good way. Their company also gets extra value from sales through useful data and not so much because that company has been in a certain place for years and has been doing a pretty good job. A good payment system supports the entrepreneur in the area of, for example, the retention obligation, compliance with privacy legislation concerning customer data, reliable storage of transaction data, management information and reports.

Entrepreneurs who want to survive will have to invest in POS systems. The settlement function remains important, but it will only be a small piece of a larger whole; a business automation system with information that is 0increasingly stored ‘in the cloud’. All processes and data come together in this system. The data present in the systems is worth ‘gold’ for the entrepreneur and must therefore be carefully protected, stored and opened up. It should certainly not be possible to cheat with this.

POS System Upgradations

Now a days, POS System has entered into more advanced technologies which make them best and convenience pos for users.

Here are some latest POS Technologies:

POS Electronic payment

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) stands for an automated system for financial transactions. 80% of all customers prefer to pay with a payment card. Electronic payments not only save time, but also a lot of money. No matter how small or how big the amount is, electronic payment is cheaper than payment in cash. We have the solution for every situation. This means safe, fast and comfortable transactions and no more currency or paper money.

POS keyboard

In some situations, working with a Point of Sale system with a touchscreen is not desirable. In these cases we offer a cash register environment with a keyboard. We supply various Point of Sale keyboards. The keyboards are very robust, small and practical and can be completely divided as needed. The keyboards also have various integration options. For example, it is possible to integrate an MCR (card reader).

POS cash drawers

For secure cash flow management, we supply various electronically operated cash drawers to process cash payments. With a manually operated cash drawer, the drawer opens at the touch of a button or on the drawer. With the electronically operated cash drawer, the cash drawer is connected to the Point of Sale system or to the receipt printer. The control and opening of the drawer runs via the cash register software.

POS Scanning

The barcode scanning technology at the Point of Sale cash register is essential for you. You must accurately and quickly collect data at item level and use transaction data to improve the operational efficiency of the (POS) cash register. After all, this operational efficiency translates into a faster cashier experience for your customers, which improves the shopping experience and reduces the operational costs for you. 

POS Scale

When weighing at the checkout everything revolves around speed. When your employees weigh fresh products at the counter, you need a solution that works quickly, saves space and fits the store concept. With a fast and reliable settlement with our POS Scale you offer your customers the best service.

POS Security

Proper security of the cash register and the cash register environment is very important and avoids unnecessary costs. The cash register is the primary checkout process and we do not offer different solutions to disrupt this process.

To prevent unauthorized use of the cash register environment, we supply solutions for registering and deregistering the cash register with magnetic card readers, I-button options, proximity readers or fingerprint readers for the biometric application.

Point of Sale UPS

In the retail sector, it is important that power is always available, especially at the POS. No disruptions may occur during the settlement process in the POS. Every disruption immediately results in loss of revenue. We offer total solutions for the large supermarkets up to and including specialty stores. A UPS or ‘Uninterruptible Power Supply’ is a system that immediately takes over the power supply and supplies power to the connected systems in the event of a power failure. UPS systems are used for many applications. There are different power ranges from very small to very large and from desktop models and rackmount models to standing models.

Point of Sale Power Conditioner

The Power Conditioner is the security when it comes to suppressing mains voltage and overvoltages as a result of indirect lightning strikes. All electronic equipment and equipment that is equipped with switched power supplies is protected. The Power Conditioner is the best solution against mains pollution and other things that influence electronic systems via the mains voltage. The Power Conditioner is part of the conditioning concept as Toshiba TEC implements this in the retail sector with supermarkets and catering companies as the most important segments.

POS IDReader

Supermarket organizations stipulate that the cashier of every buyer who looks younger than 25 years determines the age on the basis of an identity card. If the customer is younger than 18 years, the sale of alcohol is refused. This rule applies everywhere in the supermarket, whether it is the regular checkout, the tobacco counter or a self-scan checkout.

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