Workplace productivity can be difficult to achieve; particularly if the employees are required to meet demanding deadlines and to adapt to changing scenarios.  It is the role of management to ensure that all workers maintain a positive outlook, as a lack of desire can spread much like a virus.  Entire teams will be affected with sales could very well suffer within a short period of time.  The good news is that HR specialists have a number of useful tools at their disposal and they need to be aware of how such methods must be properly leveraged.  Let us first take a look at how motivation can be enhanced on a daily basis before moving on to examine why technology is now playing an increasingly important role.

Fostering a Culture  of Aggregate Motivation

What is “aggregate motivation”?  As opposed to popular belief, this is NOT concerned with ensuring that every employee is motivated at all times.  It rather refers to an overwhelming sense of momentum within the workplace.  In the event that a single worker lacks the wherewithal to follow through with a specific task, others can stir up a sense of positive responsibility.  There are several ways in which this uniform sense of inspiration can be encouraged:

– Team efforts should be applauded

– Reward employees for a job well done

– Make certain that such rewards are announced to the entire office

– Encourage feedback from individuals in regards to their thoughts about a certain project or policy

– Have management become involved in daily activities

– Create brainstorming sessions when every worker has an equal say

Workers are much more likely to perform at peak levels if they know that their efforts will be rewarded.  However, what about software and technology?  Can motivation be increased by using the latest point of sale architecture and similar platforms?  Let’s take an in-depth look.

The Right Tools for the Right Employees

Offices are now heavily reliant upon technology to complete day-to-day operations. Whether referring to collating data, developing a new sales campaign or engaging with clients, the fact of the matter is that modern systems are crucial.  However, we should also remember that their efficacy will depend upon how they are utilised by employees.  Consider for a moment a data entry system that is obtuse and outdated.  Not only will tasks take much longer to complete, but it is also likely that employees will become quickly discouraged; once again impacting productivity.  This is why choosing modern and agile e-commerce solutions is critical.

Shopify has created a powerful POS system that can be easily integrated into legacy software packages. As this platform is highly intuitive, workers will not be forced to endure a steep learning curve.  Multiple payment gateways, customisable storefronts and 24/7 customer support are other features which should not be taken lightly.  While in-house motivation involves a good deal of psychology, we should always remember that the correct software bundles will have a massive impact.