Influencer advertising is rising in Poland to appeal to Gen Z more

Influencer advertising

Influencer advertising experienced an increased interest lately, as it offers businesses easy access to a specific target audience, usually Gen Z or Millennials. Influencers often approach a niche subject, addressing beauty, health or parenting. By reaching these online characters, companies can advertise their products and services more humanly, allowing the influencer to personalise the post in such a way that followers like it. This method not only increases sales but also boosts brand visibility right where it needs it from. 

This trend increased worldwide, but Europe offered some of the biggest names in the industry, such as PewDiePie and Khaby Lame, contributing to the already developed influencer market size of 21.1 billion U.S. dollars. Even European countries with less interest in social media, such as Poland, encountered an upsurge in this sector. Influencer marketing, along with video and search advertising, saw a considerable boost during the pandemic. 

Ad spending on social media also increases and is expected to maintain the same trend until 2027, when it’ll reach 599.60 million U.S. dollars, according to Statista. Influencer marketing has the potential for considerable revenue for Poland, and here’s why it’s all worth it.

The influencer market opens the way to multiple collaboration possibilities 

Influencers are becoming the most effective in targeting Gen Z audiences, as their posts and approaches appeal more to people than how companies communicate on social media. That’s because they’ve spent much more time on apps like Instagram and TikTok and understood how the algorithm functions and how to engage with groups of people. This is why including influencers as a part of a strategy for digital marketing in Poland is sure to bring positive outcomes. 

Enhancing a product’s features by allowing an influencer to promote it uniquely can rapidly achieve growth in whatever sector the business is interested in, and why will this method work? Because Poland’s level of internet penetration offers the perfect environment for establishing a solid online presence. With e-commerce being one of the fastest-growing markets and promising projections, Poland is specialised in niches such as health, e-learning and gaming. 

Moreover, organisations can collaborate with specific influencers for short or long periods, depending on their target. Sometimes, these two parties will work together for longer, which puts the base of a staple partnership on social media, which customers and prospects see as professional. 

Influencer market helps in reaching international markets 

Influencer marketing works incredibly well locally, targeting people closer to that person or company in Poland. However, that doesn’t mean businesses cannot leverage this offer to go overseas and promote their product or services for other markets. 

Along with hiring an influencer for social media posts, companies can approach international SEO procedures to observe their competition and test products before launching them. Anna Lewandowska, for example, is one of the rising stars on Instagram within the Polish environment, and she’s doing numerous collaborations with brands worldwide with make-up brands, sportswear and wellness. Having around 5.4 million followers on the social media app, making her a macro influencer with a broad audience and prominent online presence. 

Macro influencers might, however, ask for considerable remuneration for product placement. On the other hand, small businesses can approach macro and nano influencers, whose audiences are also smaller, but they’re still getting significant media coverage. 

Influencer marketing can better reach Gen Z, but SEO mustn’t be excluded 

Of course, influencer marketing can give an incredible boost to the company. Still, the effort is useless if it doesn’t respect the minimum efficiency for websites, customer service and mobile UX. Before approaching an influencer for collaboration, a business must ensure it’s got most of these things polished so that customers are not leaving the website disappointed that it’s taking too long to load. 

That’s why prioritising SEO ahead of influencer marketing is essential. Awareness of overall traffic, bounce rate, conversions, and keyword rating provides a better insight into how the business is doing and whether an influencer will genuinely improve it. 

Backlinks are also important, so developing a link-building strategy will ensure high-quality backlinks. This process might be more time-consuming than hiring an influencer. Still, it tackles vital aspects of the company’s online presence, such as targeting important keywords, analysing the backlink profile and outreaching. Link-building keeps you up within the competition and boosts organic search results that put your results on the first Google page. 

Influencer marketing helps effectively measure the campaign’s productivity 

Measuring a campaign takes time because it requires gathering data from multiple perspectives. And even though it seems like it’s not about numbers and conversions a lot, influencer marketing starts with a great plan, a negotiation initiation and a set of expectations. 

For example, the company should plan a budget for the influencer to reach a particular goal and include a defined target group, besides other aspects. These things will allow the business to measure results based on the input, which is more precise than coming in without any expectations. 

There are multiple steps involved in a successful digital marketing campaign. According to Seeders, setting up for success means analysing the company’s potential, creating a strategy, executing the plan and monitoring the development of the system. This entire process sets the tone for local and international expansion without considerable effort but by implementing a steady method that can grow in the desired direction while being checked frequently. 

Measuring a campaign already consists of multiple aspects that help understand the quantitative impact of a strategy. Simplifying it doesn’t necessarily mean less conversion, but making it more complex might challenge the process of monitoring an influencer’s impact on your product selling. Ultimately, taking it easy and watching things unfold while keeping an eye on the number is the best strategy to adapt on the way and adjust when needed. 

What do you think about influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing is increasing everywhere in Europe, especially in Poland, which has one of the most developed inclinations for high-tech. Here, using influencers to increase sales and brand image is an efficient short- and long-term strategy. 


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