The internet is a competitive world where almost everyone is looking to get their 90 seconds of fame. Getting noticed by their fellow internet users is the primary goal of all businesses going online as its reach goes beyond boundaries.

But before vying for the attention of your customers, you must get in the good graces of search engines, especially Google. All search engines have one common goal, and that is to improve their users’ experience. Google, in particular, aimed to become synonyms with the word search, and now it’s way ahead of its competitors.

Optimizing the results of search engines in your favor is not an easy feat. It requires experience, skills and the know-how of the recent marketing trends and technology.

The online world is evolving, and there is no fixed formula that guarantees a higher ranking in SERPs, even if your business is located in Australia. You would need different digital marketing strategies for different cities. For example, your SEO in Brisbane will receive a boost if you manage to use the specific keywords in your content that are in high search demand in the city.

Each business or company needs to monitor its site’s KPIs and stay updated on the latest trends to know what appeals to its audience and search engines.

Your SEO strategy determines your standing online and impacts your company’s sales. Let’s analyze a few of the most popular SEO strategies in 2019 to understand their impact on search engine ranking.

Choosing the Right Keywords

If you want to increase the reach of your site, you must expand the keyword relevancy in its content. For instance, it is only reasonable for an “online cooking class” to rank for either of these three words, but there is still room for improvement.

You can write about topics related to cooking such as what utensils and equipment to use to make specific recipes or what kind of cheese is suitable for a particular dish. This way, your site will rank for words like “cheese” and “kitchen utensils” along with other jargon of the cooking industry.

Moreover, getting featured or receiving referrals from other sites will be easier because of your relevancy without being a competitor.

Make your Site User-Friendly

It might seem odd to consider it as an SEO strategy, but that’s what it is. If your website isn’t loading within three seconds or not showing on mobile, then the search engines will keep you at the bottom of their ranking barrel.

Google judges your site’s relevancy and efficiency based on how long your leads are staying on the website’s content. The longer you engage your leads, the more are the chances of Google finding you beneficial for the users.

Furthermore, the frequency of a specific lead’s visits is also among the many KPIs that search engines consider while ranking any website.

Your site needs to be updated and should be in tune with the latest trends and tech requirements to dominate the search engines. But the layout and loading speed of your website will be for nothing if your content is mediocre and is based on little to no research.

The Use of Social Media as an SEO tool

All successful marketing strategies are incomplete without a well-planned social media campaign. Social media is where people go to know what is “popping” in their niche and popular among their peers. That is why dissonance between your social media campaign and SEO strategy will impact your SEO strategy negatively.

The right approach would be to maintain a strong social media presence of your brand in the online community. The more gateways you open for your traffic, the more successful your SEO strategy will be mainly in terms of accessibility.

Employ Link Building

We have briefly mentioned the relevancy of this tact in an SEO strategy before, but now is the time to elaborate it further. You have done everything from making your site user-friendly to improving the quality of your content, yet the results are disappointing.

If other sites are not linking back to your content, then you can forget about holding any power over search engines. Websites, blogs and news outlets that are not your competitors, yet their content is relevant to your business must link your site in their content.

The link building tact has an extensive nature and leaves room for trial and error. For instance, you can either write guest posts for other sites or build a cordial relationship with the relevant people to land a referral. If you execute this SEO tact efficiently, then you are one step closer to controlling the decisions of search engines.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in SEO strategy

Artificial intelligence is the future of our generation and is helpful in more ways than you can imagine. Google and other search engines make use of it to some extent to make their users’ experience more pleasant by predicting their queries. They also map out a person’s searching pattern to recommend them relevant links and ads.

Website owners can do the same to improve the quality of their content by predicting behavioral patterns of their leads. Furthermore, artificial intelligence can help you figure out what kind of content will be a hit among your targeted audience and which keywords keep you relevant for certain queries.

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence’s role in an SEO strategy goes far beyond its exterior. Here’s an in-depth analysis to understand why artificial intelligence is getting more coverage in SEO strategies.

Importance of Devising the Right SEO Strategy:

Each of the tactics and approaches we’ve mentioned so far is the key element for a successful SEO strategy. No business can take off without fixing these decisive elements in their marketing strategy. If you want to stay in front of the audience’s eyes all the time, then you need to optimize your content more rationally.

Half-hearted and bare minimum efforts will take your business nowhere. If you can’t invest your time and efforts, then hire a professional service provider to do it for you but don’t be lazy in fixing your SEO strategy!


Any SEO strategy is a combination of more than just a few SEO tactics. It depends on the nature of your business to determine which one will dominate over the others. Failure to choose the right set of SEO tactics will make your site go missing among the sea of its competitors. As stated earlier, there is no fixed formula with the label “works for all” in SEO. A careful analysis and monitoring of your site’s KPIs will give you an idea of what needs improvement.

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