Looking to ensure that your child gets quality education while living overseas? Enrolling them to private schools in Singapore could be the right move.

Migrating or staying in a country for an extended period is an exciting phase for most families, but it can also be a difficult transition especially for expats with kids. Choosing a school where their children can thrive is a priority – unknowns like location, curriculum, and culture will play a huge rolein your decision.

Most families who choose international schools give them the peace of mind that their child will be educated to the best educational standard.

International school in a nutshell

International schoolsoffer international education for an international community plus they’re generally found in major cities and cater for expat children and even the host country. Families from India often choose to send their children to Indian international schools, though there are international schools for different countries, including the USA, UK, France and Germany, among others.

International school curriculum

An international school’s biggest distinguishing characteristics is that they make use of internationally recognized curriculum, which includes English National Curriculum, International GCSEs (IGCSEs), the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Which makes it very easy for children to transfer schools to and from the country. It also means that the exams they take are valid in other countries.

Advantages of international schools

The benefits of choosing international education for your child are many. For once, schools are generally quality-assured and need to meet robust criteria in terms of teaching quality, a pastoral provision as well as co-curricular activities.

International schools give children an ‘international’, multi-cultural education. Schools provide genuine international learning to students from many different communities, giving them the chance to meet others from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. And since English is the teaching language, language barrier won’t be an issue. While your child is learning English in school, they can study for the psle english paper at the same time to feel confident and get great grades.

As stated earlier, having international curriculum allows children to move between schools easily – for instance, if the family needs to move due to work, as is the case amongst majority of expats – and needs to back into an Indian school in year group for their age, having an international school is a huge benefit.The quality of Indian education is also widely recognized as well.

End Note

For the quality of teaching, international schools are renowned worldwide as well and offers competitive salaries to attract good teachers. Most teachers will have trained or worked in the international scene, but the fact that they’ve preferred to work in another country means that they’re real go-getters, and levels of motivation will obviously be high. Extra-curricular activities won’t be an issue as well since these activities tend to be outstanding in international schools, with opportunities that range from sports and performing arts to trips to other countries. In general, Indian private schools in Singaporeare very similar to the local public schools, and provide a similar quality of education, pastoral care and even co-curricular activities: they just happen to be different learning institutions.

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