Internships a Brief Intro


What is Internship ?

An internship is an official programs by an employer to potential employees. Internship are most popular program’s with undergraduate and graduate students who work between one to four month and have a goal to gain practical work or research related experience .

Today intern can work full time or part time at a company for a specified time .Internship can be found for digital marketing degrees, health care programs, paralegal certificates and many other choices .

How a person find an internship ?

Like finding a job, for finding an internship is also an challenging and time consuming time. If you are a college freshman, for example you may be interested in exploring a variety of different internship that can help you determine your major or ultimate career path.

There are lot of websites that a can use to find a job. Lot of companies give their internship ads through these websites such as internships in Singapore.

Benefits of Internship :

As we know that for a student internship is very beneficial and helpful for his / her practical life and it have lot of benefits for a student.

Few benefits of internship

1 : Gain valuable work experience

The most important benefit that a internee can enjoy from an internship is that he or she can gain valuable work experience from internship. Interns have the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge to real work experiences, witnessing the first day- to – day job duties they can expect to encounter  in their relative field.

In addition to learning the specialized skills of a particular field, an internee can learn lot of other skills like, communication, team work etc.

2 : Explore a career path

Exploring a career path is an also important benefit of internship .Exploring is an important part of student’s education life and internship is very helpful for a student to enlighten himself with the field he or she is interested in.

3 : Network with professionals in the field

Internship is not just to earn money, getting grades instead of this an internee is surrounded by the professionals of field and have opportunity to learn more, and to impress them for your job. The professionals an interne encounters during an internship may be your future colleagues.

4:  Gain confidence

Confidence is a basic and important thing which every company wants to have in his employee. Internship allows a student to test out himself in specific techniques which he learned from his classroom before entering in the working world. make their mind about their career before entering in college but later changed their mind. Taking on a internship while studying in a college allow student to work in their desired field and to decide whether the field in which they are working are helpful for them or not.

5: Get yourself an edge in the job market

One of the most important benefit of internship is that college graduate who have some experience in the form of internship stand out to potential employers.

Internship experience makes a college graduate more marketable as they have much experience and they usually requires less trainning. They can handle much responsibilities and earn much salary than those who haven’t internship experience.

4 : Develop and refine skills

A college suffers from lot of difficulties which they thought are their weaknesses. But through internship a student can easily learn about his or her strengths and weaknesses.

A supervisor is supervising an internee which gives him feedback on his work and offer a unique learning opportunity that you may not have as an learning adult.

5 : Financial compensation

One of the most important benefit of internship is financial compensation. There are lot of companies or industries which are providing paid internships. There are lot college graduates suffering from financial issues but by doing paid internships interne can gain valuable work experience and make money at the same time.

A pain internship provide money for the educational expenses and hostel expenses for a grad. 

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