In this world, it seems that everything is already going virtual. Most of us are dependent on the internet for almost anything. Every aspect of our life now has a virtual option. Education and information sharing has been a vital part of this movement, although there are still challenges with its believably.

On the other hand, the content has never been freer. You can easily search for anything that you want to know, even if it is the most controversial one. It is even said that you can finish an entire course worth of subjects if you are just diligent enough to search online. 

With this kind of dependence, many businesses have started moving towards this option. This is not a relatively new phenomenon since the explosion of internet users in the 2000s (read more). They have started doing their advertisement online because it is relatively more affordable and accessible to everybody.

Social media also played an important role, since this became the hub of most citizens. If you are going to market something, you need to follow the crowd. With the success of this strategy, many have started to abandon others as alternatives like printed media.

Print or Virtual Media?

Say what you want about it, but the print has been one of the oldest ways to proliferate information as well as preserve it. Since the paper was introduced into the world, it has transformed into a powerful tool for communication.

With the pen, we have created countless ways to use and take advantage of it. There are still limitations though like it’s fragility with the elements. This made it challenging to have posted on public areas. Fortunately, we have developed ways to combat these issues. 

In this modern world, to say that this traditional form of medium is dead would be a lie. There is still room for it in this technological world. In some cases, it might even be more effective than the usual virtual ads.

Search engine optimization might rule the world of marketing these days, but there are many people who cannot understand how it works. There are even businesses that don’t necessarily need it yet. Thanks to the internet still, you can have the prints you want from and similar online shops. Some of them even help you design your promotion online.

Advantages of Print Media

Advantages of Print Media

1. Easy to Use and Understand

You cannot deny that there is still a large population of people who do not know how to use the internet. They can either be members of the older generation who do not have time or patience to learn a new skill or just someone who is not knowledgeable about it.

There are also others who just prefer it. Either way, even if you are a tech-savvy person, a print ad would still catch your eye. Walking around the streets and seeing them all the time will make you remember them as well. It might not be perfect, but it is still memorable than the myriad of ads thrown at you online. 

2. More Trustworthy

Studies like on this page have shown that there are still many people who trust this type of advert. For one, the sheer number of online ads can be quite confusing. All of them are designed to make you notice it, but it can still be ignored by the common netizen. This is due to the other things that are in that specific webpage.

Also, if it is on paper rather than on the screen, it might send a message that you are more honest. You made an effort to create a physical embodiment of your ad, so it makes it even more reliable.

3. Great for Places with Low Connectivity

Even if we are living in this tech-driven world, there are still places that cannot reach it. There are even neighborhoods in many cities that cannot get internet access at all due to various reasons.

Data is more affordable these days, but it is not the same as having a stable connection. A printed advert would be better in these places since there is no connection to the virtual world. The only way for you to make yourself known is to get out, have a few signs and posters, and send out flyers. It is the old fashioned way, but still quite effective. 

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4. Becoming More Affordable

This might be surprising, but it is getting more accessible to have this strategy instead of using the virtual methods. SEO is still effective, but only if you are already at the top of your game. If you are a well-known chain and you want to expand abroad, then that is the way to go. This will cost millions, aside from all of the strategies that you need to employ to make it work.

On the other hand, you can focus on domestic sales and print media can still make it work. Being a small business owner, it would still be wise to go back to all ways even if others tell otherwise.

Caveat and Conclusion

Even though we have been heralding the positives of print, it still has some issues. One of the main ones is the environmental impact. These papers with all the ink, tarpaulin, and others are made from artificial products.

Some of them can be harmful to nature if we are being careless about it. Fortunately, there are now options that promote a greener alternative like recycling. You can always use a tarpaulin or billboard for other ways as it can last a long time. 

Print media shall never die as long as there are people who need it. After all, it is still an effective alternative to virtual data for the local market. Being aware of its limitations is a must too, however.

It may not have the widest coverage, and all of the used papers and plastics may be condemned by environmentalists. However, providing a solution to those issues while still building your own strategy is a great thing overall.


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