Could it be that our thoughts actually have something to do with what happens in outlives? There have always been those who believe in the power of the mind, yet science now seems to be confirming that the human consciousness can change outcomes.

The Double Slit Experiment

This ingenious experiment seems to defy logic and the physical laws that heroes like Newton discovered, beams of light that are waves, but not when observed, when they miraculously turn into particles. The act of observation has an effect on the outcome of the experiment; which is quite remarkable and was totally unexpected by all scientists. Those who have always known that positive thinking equals a happy life are now celebrating the fact that quantum physics demonstrates the science to back them up.

The Laws of Attraction

First revealed to the world in Rhonda Byrne’s best-seller “The Secret”, the laws of attraction work much like gravity, in as much as they are always at work; they can’t be turned on or off, they either work for you or against you – the secret is to think good things and your life will fall into place. I can almost hear you shaking your head at this one! Yet millions of people’s lives changed after reading The Secret, some in very dramatic ways. Stage 4 cancer vanishing overnight, a U turn from poverty to wealth, and all these people will tell you that they understood how to be in tune with the universe.

Further Evidence

We all know at least one person who unloads all the negative stuff that’s happened to them since you last saw each other; one problem after another, or so it seems. This type of person is actually attracting negative energy, as they are always thinking about such things. If such a person were to do an about turn and only think about good things, their life would automatically improve; like attracts like.

Coming to Terms with Death

There does seem to be a correlation with those who think negatively and a fear of death; could it be that this deep-rooted fear causes negativity? Contact the established funeral home in Parramatta and arrange your own service, which can help you to come to terms with your eventual demise, plus you’ll save a heap of money, as the funeral cost is frozen. Those who are fortunate enough to have an ‘out of body experience’ (OBE) find that they suddenly lose all fear of death and this is very much a life-changing event for many.

Human Consciousness

Many scientific experiments using physics have proven that the human consciousness is capable of telepathy and as quantum physics tries to get to grips with the human consciousness, it is becoming evident that your thoughts do have an effect on the world around you. Here are a few tips if you are heading for a mid-life crisis, which affects a lot of men and women.

How Can You Change Your Life?

Start by training your conscious mind to only think about good things, which is easier said than done and try to see the good in everything. It can be a challenge to switch from negative to positive thinking, but when you see the benefits, this should motivate you to continue on the path of positive thought. If you would like to learn more about the power of the human mind, Google ‘Dr Joe Dispenza’ and be prepared to be amazed! He is a scientist who dared to suggest that we all have healing powers, yet most are unaware of this and by following his program, people have cured themselves of stage 4 cancer and other deadly diseases.

If you tend to think about negative aspects of your life, you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving this a try and who knows? It might change your life for the better.

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