Scoliosis is a nightmare for many people. According to research, a population not more than 2 percent in the US are likely to be affected by scoliosis, a good number of them being women. It could be easier to deal with it if most of the cases of scoliosis were not from unknown sources.

However, if you find yourself in this situation, you could be in for the inversion therapy as advised by a doctor. Inversion tables, along with efficient pilates workouts, are not really the solution but they surely will help you to deal with the scoliosis if you can choose the top quality inversion tables.

What is Scoliosis?

A normal spine is straight connecting your head to your abdomen. For a person with scoliosis, factors like inflammation, the wrong movement of muscles and other temporary factors affect the shape of their spine from straight to a side to side curve. There are permanent factors that could bring scoliosis such as genetics meaning that one could be born with it.

Among the effects of scoliosis on the body are body pains and change in one’s posture. Inversion therapy goes a long way to fix this medical condition with proper guidance from a medical practitioner.

How does the inversion table work for scoliosis?

Inversion therapy involves using an inversion table to correct your spinal defects. This will mostly work for people suffering from temporary scoliosis. The principle that an inversion table uses is keeping the human body against gravity, therefore, removing pressure caused by gravity from the nerve roots on your spine.

It also banks on the claim that having the body in that position could decompress the joints and stretch your spine relieving the pains on your back. Doctors will, therefore, advise you to start using an inversion table whether your scoliosis is permanent or temporary because it has a lot of therapeutic benefits tied to it.

Benefits of using an inversion table for scoliosis

  • Pain Relief

You’re likely to feel better after a session on the inversion table as the upside down position helps in stretching your muscles causing blood flow through them and spinal discs. This relieves you of pain temporarily. You may need more of the exercises to keep pain at bay.

  • Correct posture

Like we said earlier, scoliosis affects your posture as the spine is now curved to the side. Using the inversion table to exercise repeatedly could help in the realignment of your spine and slowly back into the correct posture. However, this is more likely if the damage is temporary.

  • Strengthen Abdominal Muscles

When you’re on the inversion table hanging upside down, your abdomen weight is on top. You could do exercises that press onto the abdomen against gravity like sit-ups and crunches. This will, in turn, strengthen your abdominal muscles and its structure in general.

Are inversion tables safe for kids with scoliosis?

Kids are very delicate. Most of scoliosis in kids arises from things like anomalies in the bone formation. You could correct this by using an inversion table before their bones can harden and become harder to realign.

Most inversion tables are designed for adults and so for it to be safe for a kid there should be guidance from an adult at all times. This should also be after consulting with the doctor on whether to use an inversion table.

If you do it correctly there are chances that the condition will improve. You can improve the number of times a kid spends on the inversion table from 3 to 5 times a week depending on the progress. Kids will most likely find it fun to hang upside down but make sure you’re present during the session as they can be mischievous and end up getting hurt.


Inversion therapy may not fix your spine entirely but continued and correct use of a good inversion table could lead you there faster than it would be with just medication. However, you should follow a doctor’s guidance to make sure it’s safe for you.

You could get muscle pulls or your blood pressure shooting up so it’s best to use it when being guided by a professional. Otherwise, it is a safe way to stop back pains and assist people with scoliosis. You can now get an inversion table for yourself and start working out.

Severe cases of scoliosis require surgery. It is good to try the inversion table before you can opt for that to see whether it will work for you. Your doctor will give you the best option and help you through it. Otherwise, inversion therapy is quite helpful even for mere back pains. I hope you found this helpful and if you need more information on scoliosis you can visit Setup myhomeGYM.