We live in an age of uncertainty, as the world moves ever more swiftly towards a future that is completely driven by technology. STEM jobs, that is: science, technology, engineering and mathematics, are being introduced at a much younger level, as it’s the largest growing job sector looking into the future.

However, we can’t simply run off technology alone – we aren’t there yet (luckily) and it may be quite a while until we find ourselves being completely replaced by robots and other digitally-driven products.

There is something to be said for jobs that have survived for centuries and that are still at the forefront of today’s society. These jobs are very seldom glamorous but they are necessary and looking towards the future, it seems as if they will always be necessary.

On that note; here are the top 5 jobs that will always be in demand:

1- Nursing


With new medical treatments becoming more readily available, it makes sense that we have a rapidly aging population all over the world. This means that there is going to be a large generation of elderly folk who need care in the next couple of years.

An aged care nurse provides specialized care to elderly patients in a hospital, healthcare environment or an aged care facility. They may tend to wounds, administer medication or provide assistance with dressing, showering or feeding as required. Whether you’re getting your start in the industry as an aged care nurse or want to work as an clinical nurse, studying nursing courses can specialize your skills in the areas such as mental health or rehabilitation

Although nurses have been struggling to get jobs straight after graduation over the last few years – this is set to change going forward and there’s set to be a 19% increase in the nursing profession by 2022 due to the availability of nursing agency jobs.

2- Teachers


Despite the predictions that computers will replace teachers in the coming years, it seems that the rumors have been pretty unfounded and the growth spec for teachers going forward is incredibly positive.

There is set to be a huge demand for primary school teachers, and private tutors that will be fuelled by the increase in enrolments in schools. In Australia, teaching jobs looks set to increase by 583,000 jobs by 2025 alone. Note for those who are looking for work, open vacancies private school teacher can view on the website Jooble.

3- Police officers

Police officers

If you’ve watched I,Robot – you will know that filling up public service positions with machines never ends very well. If there’s one thing Will Smith has taught us from this movie, is that we need our safety officials to remain human for the time being.

Police officers are some of the most important people throughout the world, and until we can create robots that are sensitive, intelligent and are able to make decisions based on their good instincts, police officers are safe in their jobs.

4- Accountant


Money makes the world go round and this doesn’t look set to change any time soon. Getting involved in finance is a pretty sound career decision, as it looks set to be a growing profession in years to come. If you like some structure in your life, becoming an accountant will give you a clear career path from day one.

5- Lawyer


Although there has been a shift to the digitization of the lawyer profession, like the chat-bot that can give legal advice in the States, lawyers are always going to be pretty high in demand given the imperative nature of their work. People are always going to get in trouble and they are always going to need to have someone to defend them.

So whether you are in banking, corporate or personal finance, chances are that you aren’t going to be without work any time soon.


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