Jumping from speedboats.. TikTok trend kills 4 people in America, and the authorities warn

TikTok trend kills 4 people in America

The American newspaper The New York Post saidin a report published on Saturday, July 8, 2023, that the authorities of the US state of Alabama revealed that at least four people, including a father, had died in recent months because they were carried away with a deadly new “trend” on the TikTok platform .

Thrill-seekers jumped off the backs of speedboats , broke their necks and drowned, according to Captain Jim Dennis of the Childersburg Rescue Team.

People drowned in America because of a trend on TikTok

“In the last six months, we’ve seen four drownings that would have been easy to avoid,” Dennis said. water”.

Captain Dennis said the trend – which he called the jumping boat – had been exciting for early adopters over the past two years, but had especially picked up since the beginning of the year.

The first victim died in February after he drowned in the Kossa River while his wife and children watched from the boat.”Unfortunately, his wife registered his death,” Dennis said.

The “boat jumping” trend takes the lives of people in America

A TikTok search for the hashtag #boatjumping or any repeat of the two words turns up a group of daredevils juggling their potential opportunities with what Dennis called “instant death.”Participants range from all ages.

“I think people probably do stupid things on camera because they want to show off to their friends on social media,” said Denise.

The high speed of the boat, with the still water, would make the jump like hitting concrete.

If a person who jumps out of a moving boat does not protect his neck and head, he may suffer permanent paralysis if not instant death.

Dennis strongly advises boaters to steer clear of this dangerous trend and implores their loved ones to refrain from getting involved. “I urge you not to engage in it,” he cautioned. “The potential risks to your life far outweigh any possible benefit.”

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