“Cleanliness is next to godliness.” As tempting as it is to put off the cleaning tasks for a later time, it is only a matter of time that you can include this habit in your daily routine. Cleanliness at home and at a workplace is an absolute must to keep yourself away from irritants and dust. What’s the bonus? It motivates you to work and live at peace.

Simple Steps to Get Started:

  1. Work One Room at A Time Cleaning in a haphazard manner is of no help. Go step by step, one room at a time, followed by next room. This way your work is organized and time are efficiently managed. Follow the same routine next time too. This will slowly become your routine.
  2. First Things First – Be sure to make your bed as soon as you wake up and to segregate the dirty and clean linens.
  3. A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place – Put back things where they belong to as soon as you finish using it. It will hardly take 10 seconds to do that.
  4. Shoes Have a Place Too – Do not bring in shoes or sandals inside the home. Have a separate rack at your corridor. Do not forget to dust your feet in the mat before you enter your or anybody’s home.
  5. Keep the Trash Away – Discard trash daily. Quickly pack it in a black cover and throw it. This way the tile is clean and the home/room is odor free.

Why Should You Keep Surroundings/Home Clean?

  1. Breathe in Good Air – There is already enough pollution outside to damage your health, and if that is not enough, the air is contaminated with copious amounts of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. If you are at home, make sure to breathe in some quality air.
  2. Saves Time – You do not have to run around your home to find your own stuff. When things are in place, the only time wasted is accessing it.
  3. Increases Well-Being – Staying in a clean atmosphere means getting rid of all the germs and dust, thereby avoiding any kind of allergies.
  4. It Acts as A Booster – Most of the times, when a home is neat, it is one of the biggest motivators to work, relax or to keep and attain more perfection in keeping it clean.
Home Clean

As trivial as the process may sound, the benefits of the same will be reaped only when one honestly spread for it. A house is also improved considerably by choosing appropriate furniture and lighting with some added tools to keep a tap on the neatness. There is a range of services and tools that are available at anyone’s disposal for keeping the home neat and improved. Here are some listed.

  1. A Mop – A house without a map is the perhaps the dirtiest. Go for a good quality mop.
  2. A Cob Web Comb – Dust off the cobwebs in the corners of your house.  They are usually tall and can reach the ceiling or corners, where the cops usually occupy.
  3. Duster Clothes – Easily available in the market, invest in the same to ensure dust free tables, telephones, and door knobs.
  4. A Maid – It is an easier option to hire a maid or a cleaning service center that will take care of your neatness woes.

The idea is to promote a peaceful and clean environment for a healthy living and lifestyle. When these chores become a part of your routine, the task will not seem so mundane.

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