A kitchen sink is essential for any home. It helps keep your kitchen clean and also forms the primary ground for food sanitation. So looking for one needs more than just a few quick online searches.

What makes a perfect kitchen sink? Its utility, build, brand, and of course, overall make. A sturdy sink can help you maintain a spotless kitchen and add value to the house. So if this is your first time renovating your home or building one, this guide is for you.

It is to help you understand which type of sink fits your kitchen. And if you are looking for some high-quality sink materials, Caesarstone can be the place for you! So today, let us check out how to buy the right kitchen sink for your home.

Popular Choices for Kitchen Sinks in Canada

Many types of kitchen sinks befit a modern home. Here are three popular sink styles:

Undermount Sinks

If you want an affordable sink for long-term usage, try getting an under-mount or drop-in sink. It drops into the basin counter and creates a hollow inside. The sink’s lips are under the counter, keeping the place clean even when the sink is in use.

Drop-in sinks create ample space to wash, scrub, and clean utensils or foods without having water splashing around the kitchen countertop. The deep under-mount helps keep your work area clean and spot-free, and stainless. Due to its smooth finish, under-mount sinks do not harbor any dirt, grime, or mossy textures.

Bar Sinks

If you like to have a few drinks on occasion with your friends and family, the bar sink is a must. It is a small sink that you can install all by yourself. Most bar sinks are installed on home bars to help prepare drinks, clean glasses, and clear up the table.

These sinks are especially helpful as you can prepare your drink and clean the glasses on the same table. No need to fear dropping a glass or it slipping when carrying it to the regular kitchen sink. The bar sink is optional only for these occasions. Of course, if the build and fit suit your kitchen sink needs, you can purchase one and use it as a regular sink at ease.

Laundry Sinks

Basin and Laundry sinks are common for washroom uses. These are utility sinks that are larger and can accommodate something as significant as a towel for washing. While you might find these predominantly in bathrooms, many people like to install them in their kitchen due to their size and utility.

Laundry sinks can help you wash your larger utensils, cooking pots, pressure cookers, etc. These need ample space to be scrubbed, cleaned, and supported over something sturdy. And these wash basin sinks fit the bill. So depending on how you will use your sink, choose this build only if you work with heavier cooking utensils that need rigorous cleaning.

Which Material Do You Want for Your Sink

A kitchen sink is an expensive investment. So the material you choose for it is to have it last for many years to come.

Granite Sink

If you opt for drop-in sinks, go for the granite material. These sinks are resin bases with an acrylic blend and granite spray over them. They are low-maintenance as granite is unaffected by stains, chipping, and heat. Your granite sink can withstand around 537°F, making it a perfectly ideal sink for a kitchen with heavy and steaming cooking appliances.

You can install it by yourself as granite sinks are practical, user-friendly, and take very little time from the time of purchase.

Fireclay Sink

Fireclay is non-porous and does not attract any bacteria. As the name suggests, it has high resistance to fire and can withstand boiling temperatures with ease. So if you have to put out a blazing pot, a fireclay sink can help you save the situation without harming the sink in the process.

These fireclay sinks also are resistant to chipping and scratches, helping them look new as years go by. As it does not retain bacteria, you can wash your utensils or leave them be for a while.

Porcelain Sink

Porcelain kitchen sinks look elegant and need proper maintenance to serve you longer. While they are prone to scratches and stains, you can clean them off easily by using baking soda and proper rubbing. Their heat resistance is at 1000°F, making it perfect for cleaning fiery hot utensils without affecting the sink’s quality.

They also come with dual-mount options and are sound-proof. If you like this material, buy a porcelain kitchen sink to enjoy a high-end washing experience. Not to forget, these sinks add a high aesthetic value to your kitchen and also help your home appreciate faster.

Copper Sink

Copper kitchen sinks are trendy choices for homeowners who desire a modern farmhouse aesthetic in the kitchen. These sinks are attractive to look at and also have natural antibacterial properties. But beware, that the patina of a copper sink may naturally change over time.

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Choose Between Single and Double Bowl Sinks

Double-bowl sinks are helpful if you like to separate dirty dishes and the cleaning process. Installing this kitchen sink can help clean stained and dirty dishes in one bowl and use the other bowl for washing vegetables and fruits.

These sinks are also helpful in joint family homes with a mountain of dishes to wash daily. Before buying a double-bowl kitchen sink, check if your kitchen has the space to hold it. If not, opt for a larger single-bowl kitchen sink for larger utensils.

The size of your bowl should be according to your needs, and also the size of accommodation. Make sure to budget beforehand to avoid too many expenses on a kitchen sink.


Kitchen sinks are long-term investments for your home. They complete your kitchen’s utility installments. Therefore, learning about sink builds and materials can help you make the right choice. Talk to a professional about your home’s needs before choosing a sink based on its looks. Knowing how to maintain a sink can help it last longer and provide you the best cleaning experience for a spotless kitchen.


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