The concept behind “Know It or Blow It.” Did you know that the Whitehouse in Washington DC was crafted from limestone mined in Croatia? Well, this fun trivia app will boggle your mind with little-known questions such as these and many others about intriguing aspects from around the world. If you have a knack for trivia gaming and believe yourself an expert, Know It or Blow It will push your prowess to the limit. With various categories to appeal to the individual interests of many, this app tickles the knowledge buds of any and everyone.

App Features Right off the bat, the UI looks fantastic, offering you a Hollywood-esque kind of game show that pleases you straight away. Other game features also include:

A featured section that casts the spotlight on top gamers who are champions of an event, topic, or city.

An online platform that brings together trivia lovers from all around the world.

An ever-changing and competitive chart ranking metric that sees players strive to be at the top of the pile.

Unique boosters that give you the edge over opponents and allow you to wiggle out of a losing battle.

Rarely heard of questions that will really pick the brain of players.

Many cities to unlock and earn coins in the process.

Head-to-head showdowns that pit you against players of your choice who you’d specifically like to test your wit against.

Regular worldwide events and tournaments.

Monetary rewards and terrific goodies to play for and win.

How “Know It or Blow It” works From politics to celebrity quizzes and everything in between, you’ll first start by choosing three preferred categories from a vast database. Afterward, you’ll get to answer five questions from your select topics during three rounds. You can compete with another player on a one-v-one mode or just try your luck with the leader board by amassing scores. Also, you can have a go at the secret Big Break question which will earn you enormous returns if you get it right.

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Why this app is unlike its competitors Repetition has always been a problem with trivia apps. After a while, you can even start to predict the questions, let alone the answers. Conversely, Know It or Blow It is fueled by a dedicated team of knowledge lovers always on the hunt for new content. There’s something fresh and exciting to look forward to across several categories. Additionally, monetary prizes add to the appeal of the game, ensuring victories mean a lot more than just bragging rights.

Know It or Blow It Trivia

 Know It or Blow It is a combination of fun, adrenaline, and education molded into a super immersive package. It’s perfect for single-player campaigns or playing with friends, and it’s one that you are sure to enjoy for hours-on-end.


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