Lady Gaga on the “Oscars” stage without makeup… and her message has arrived (video)

Lady Gaga on the Oscars stage

Singer Lady Gaga decided to appear on the “Oscars” stage this year without make-up at all, to perform her award-nominated song “Hold My Hand”

It is noteworthy that Gaga, who has always adopted controversial looks, appeared this time in a simple shirt and ripped pants.

Lady Gaga

 It seems that the artist, who appeared at the beginning of the ceremony with loud makeup and bright lipstick and wore a luxurious black dress from Versace, decided to contradict her first look, adopting a dress far from what the audience was accustomed to.

The audience interacted greatly with Gaga’s dazzling show and her appearance without makeup on the stage, praising her courage and the message she is trying to send through this step.

One of them wrote: “Gaga’s performance today amazed us for several reasons, and her appearance without makeup expresses many things.”

Another commented, “She’s so pretty, she didn’t even need to wear a fancy dress and make-up before going on stage.”

And another person jokingly tweeted: “I really want to know what kind of makeup remover Lady Gaga uses, I’ve been thinking about it since last night,” indicating that she was able very quickly to appear without makeup and was able to wipe off the heavy makeup in a short time. At the beginning of the ceremony.

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